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Tiffany Sedaris (one of six siblings who include among them actress Amy Sedaris and Author David Sedaris) is reminisced in an article by her brother David following her May, 2013 suicide. he briefly includes mention of her having been sent to Élan:

--- Quote ---“A few weeks after these messages were written, Tiffany ran away, and was subsequently sent to a disciplinary institution in Maine called Élan. According to what she told us later, it was a horrible place. She returned home in 1980, having spent two years there, and from that point on none of us can recall a conversation in which she did not mention it. She blamed the family for sending her off, but we, her siblings, had nothing to do with it. Paul, for instance, was ten when she left. I was twenty-one. For a year, I sent her monthly letters. Then she wrote and asked me to stop. As for my parents, there were only so many times they could apologize. “We had other kids,” they said in their defense. “You think we could let the world stop on account of any one of you?”
--- End quote ---

Matt C. Hoffman:
Thank you Inculcated for posting this.

David Sedaris's article for the New Yorker magazine was beautiful and very sad- and insightful. It made me think about how fragile some of us became after our horrible  Elan experience - very sad and moving.

Thank you again for taking the time to put it here.


Che Gookin:
I'm just happy to see Inculated back around here.  :-*

Aw, Thanks guys! ღ


--- Quote from: Che Gookin on October 24, 2013, 06:17:21 AM ---I'm just happy to see Inculated back around here.  :-*

--- End quote ---

 :o  :-* ditto!


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