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Che Gookin:

--- Quote ---Honestly, I don't know why I bother asking questions that no one will see. Being banned from new posts is more than avoiding Elan annoyances, it kicked survivors out of this community. There were no rules during the time, and there are thousands of Elan survivors who didn't participate in it. There are many who will never find this forum. You guys are punishing people you've never met.

Finding this place made my life worse, but there are some who may find healing and they won't have to suffer because the attacks will not be tolerated.

I've admitted my part in all of this and make no excuses or apologies for any of it. There were no rules. I'm not asking for myself, ban me for all I care, actually, why not ban the offending people? You've kept us and pretty much locked out the ones who did nothing

I ask that the moderators please allow this forum in new posts. I can assure you'll not have a problem from me, and from what I've seen so far, I don't foresee a problem from anyone else
--- End quote ---

New posts? What are talking about?

Have you spoken with Psy directly?  It sounds like there is a permissions issue within the phpbb3 control panel.

Posts in this forum don't show in the new posts. That way none of the other members have to soiil themselves by reading them. All for the actions of a few during a time those actions were not against the rules because there were none.

I don';t know how to contact psy directly, but if this bias is to continue, I would like my profile deleted. If the moderators want us out, then get us out. This is insulting and blames us for the inactions of the moderators of the past

Oh, BTW, Psy can't see this because we're segregated and herded into the Elan forum ghetto, where the world doesn't have to be bothered by us

Second BTW, the only person banned so far is a seedling, why not banish them all to hell?

This stinks and it's prejudice.

Che Gookin:
So you won't even try to get it fixed by sending psy a polite request to change the permissions?

That's pretty weak wayne.

Send the man a message and stop crying.

He's the one who turned it off. I'll send him a pm and you guys have a nice life.

I stated a complaint with a valid point. There was no crying involved, but you went straight for the program shit. Insult, degrade, belittle anything that you don't like.

This place is now a cesspool with rules

Che Gookin:
It's a state of affairs you contributed to in a major way, you can't complain about it when you played a part in creating the problem.

Read up on Epictetus, one of his foundational ideas runs along the lines that isn't the idea or action that is the problem but the opinion of an idea or thing that is the problem. The new post thing is what it is, that isn't a problem, it's your opinion of it and attempting to control another person when their actions and opinions aren't yours to control. Change your opinion and it'll no longer be a problem.

And you need to be very clear, when did this new post thing get changed and when did you send a pm about it. This lack of clarity seems duplicitous on your part as I'm fairly sure the facts of the matter are already at my fingertips. As is such, you are at best being overly dramatic and throwing a tantrum just for the sake of throwing a tantrum.

That's a child's way out Wayne, grow up, learn patience, and be persistent in working towards the things you want.

I leave this to you as this is yours and it isn't mine. What is mine concerns me and what is yours does not.

good luck to you.


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