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When did Elan forum posts get kicked out of New Posts? Sorry Che but I agree with Wayne. This is fucked up. Prior to the new moderation the worst forum was The Seed  with Enash and ?????? flooding the place. Why are they excluded from the equasion?

As far as this forum is concerned you should have kicked Danny and Art out a long time ago. They turned this into what it became. You allowed former staff members to mock, threaten and harass the same people they abused, and then beat up the victims

I have no interest in contacting psy or anyone else to change this. The fact it was done shows that you're not fit to moderate here. And don't give me that garbage that Elan survivors are the worst. I've seen enough over the years to know that is a lie

You don't need to delete my account. I'll never come back here.

Che Gookin:
And as a summing up for all you late readers..

Had wayne just asked Psy would have changed, I know this because after wayne refused to do it himself after I suggested it on this thread, i asked psy.

Now, my suggestion to a rational/lucid/coherent person who isn't looking to score cheap points on a forum that is more or less a ghost town due to the never ending drama of a bunch of broken individuals who are more or less incapable of functioning as adults (wayne, danny, and 3/4ths of the Elan community), my suggestion is if you aren't one of these types... ask Psy nicely and he'll probably adjust the settings.

It's real simple folks.

Don't be a drama queen and you'll get so much farther with people.


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