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Senator Bill Diamond's book, The Evil and the Innocent
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:50:44 PM »
A review by our beloved and behated Wayne Kernochan (if this is his real name)


 The author is a fraud January 3, 2013
By Wayne Kernochan
Format:Kindle Edition

Mister Diamond advocated for the Elan School for years--a criminally abusive residential treatment program--and helped them to avoid prosecution and stay in business. Put "Elan School Atrocities" in search and you will find a treasure trove of evidence against Elan and the sick child abusers who ran it

The author's association with Elan puts his credibility at Zero. Not only were we physically and mentally abused at Elan, but there are many who were sexdually abused. I was one of them.

Peter Rowe has been accused, Marc Rosenberg, Danny Bennison, Jeff Gottlieb, Art Warshawsky. Joe Ricci kept underage girls like they were girlfriends, but they were rape victims by law.

I would love to hear what Mister Diamond has to say about the Elan One Corporation and the two hundred million dollars it made abusing and sexually abusing children, but like all Elan supporters, he'll probably say nothing.

If you want to advocate for sexually abused children,Mister Diamond, why not start with your own backyard? We've been ignored for decades. We've been denied justice and called liars. We've been stalked and abused by these same men on the internet.

Mister Diamond, how about murder, especially the murder of Phil Williams? He was beaten in the head until he was foaming from the mouth, and then left untreated until he was dead. You worked for Elan then, right"

Were you there in 1975, when Ken Zaretzky, the man who sexually abused Matt Hoffman, handed a very drunk Jimmy Shipplett a gun and sent him into a Maine Police barracks, where he was killed?

How about George White, who kidnapped a night man with a butcher knife? Did you help Elan cover that up? You do know George White was there for murdering a nine year old boy by drowning him in a swimming pool?

How about Ronnie Evans, who had sex with an underage girl in the woods as a resident? Why did Elan blast him in a general meeting for it, then a few months later, make him staff?

How about Leesie Block? She was raped in the trailer behind Elan 5 and was brutalized. She might disagree with Art's assessment that no one was ever raped at Elan.

I have witnesses to all of this.

I am currently talking to someone who claims he was a witness to Jeff Gottlieb and Joe Ricci locking a young girl and boy in a room with two convicted rapists and telling them to do what they want, and they did.

Put these things together with Danny Bennison and Art Warshawsky's admissions to raping underage girls and you look like an accessory to multiple rapes and murders. At best, you look like a coward and a cover up artist for the sadistic criminals who destroyed thousands of children's lives.

Please, begin the investigation with me. You will find out that Danny and Art are liars and belong in prison. I've never hurt a child but they keep saying it. Why would they make up such a lie except to shut me up? They keep calling me a homosexual, yet I've been with the same woman for 17 years. They spread a vicious lie about me molesting children, then try to get me to commit suicide?

You're the expert Mister Diamond, are these the actions of innocent men? Would you allow these two rapists anywhere near your daughter?

If a grown man stripped naked in front of your daughter and asked her repeatedly, how she felt about it, would you have them arrested, or dismiss it as tough love therapy?

I would be happy to speak to the authorities and confirm that I was at Elan from 1978 to 1980. Why would Danny lie and say I wasn't, if he's innocent? You have both of his admissions to raping a 15 year old girl and I know exactly where Yvette Portella is, but have not made contact. I don't want to be accused of tampering with a witness. I have a person for investigators to speak to who Sharon McCarthy told that she was 15 when Art had sex with her

Everything good that you have done is wiped out by your association and continued silence about Elan's crimes. I don't want a witch hunt; I want a fair and thorough investigation. They don't. Why? Because they're guilty. If they're not, the investigation would clear you and them, but they are and you know it
I am currently speaking to a rape crisis counselor who agrees with me. The Torrington Police Department is also interested in Art's comment directing me to point something that looks like a gun at them to commit suicide. Much like what Ken Zaretzky did to Jimmy Shipplett. Many cops who are forced to kill that way are destroyed by it. Many commit suicide themselves.

By the way, the lies that Art and Danny keep yapping about, that I'm a criminal are based on one crime I committed 30 years ago. I've never been to jail since. That crime was arson. Any psychiatric professional will tell you that arson is a sign of sexual abuse. I did it shortly after I left Elan.

We have a list of 39 Elan victims who committed suicide. Do they count for anything?

Danny and Art keep asserting that they are survivors, but they're not. They created survivors. They stayed as staff because they enjoyed abusing children, you can see it in their language and actions. Their only training as staff was their residency, which both have admitted was brutal abuse and degradation

Rape culture is conceived in silence. I won't ever stop and these two are not going to bully or threaten me into silence with their stalking and abusive behavior. There's nothing they can do to top what they did to me in 1978.

I would also like to know why one day after I contacted you about Danny Bennison, he deleted a comment he made on a website a year earlier about Maine politicians taking bribes from Elan. That's one heck of a coincidence, wouldn't you say?
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