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5 Aspen programs closes

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Sadly, I think Whooter and none-ya actually do have valid points.  I think the economy probably has been the primary factor for a lot of these programs closing.  That doesn't mean that exposing them hasn't helped.  It just means that it hasn't been the only reason programs have been shutting down.

I guess all the program pushing ed-con pimps are feeling the pinch too. Right Whoot?


--- Quote ---psy wrote;
Sadly, I think Whooter and none-ya actually do have valid points
--- End quote ---

Damn! I finally make a valid point, and it's "sad".

DannyB II:
It does have more to do with the economy than anything else. Since 2008 more programs have closed than in the last 20 years. I would love to say this had to do with voices from sites like this one but this just wouldn't be true. None of the programs listed by Oscar were even close to the "hellholes" as Matt stated.
This economy has had a residual effect on corporation and their supporting companies. Take Apple and all the companies that support Apple or Ford the housing market being crushed as it was and is. Your house lost money, your retirement account lost money and so on. This is where the money came from to pay for the enrollments.
Parents aren't reading this site or any other site any more than they were 10 years ago.
This is what is sad.
Watch! When the economy gears back up more programs will come back on line. Our job will be to advocate for better oversight.

Danny. I don't think it's fair for you to speak for others and berate their experiences just because you believe your program to be "worse".  There are certainly enough bad stories about, say, ASR, to go around.  Also, just to correct a factual error: Apple did quite well despite the economy.  Like I said, I think the closure was a result of both people speaking out and the economy.


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