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From eraly information, it looks likely

She closed it so she could get the gaming tables. It was a non-issue for the licensing process

Danny and Art must be proud

edited upon request

I saw that on Facebook. It's a redirect site that sends you to Elan Atrocities

Strangely, Danny and Art are proud of that too

Cry much?

Danny Bennison STFU:

--- Quote from: liarsexposed ---Cry much?
--- End quote ---

Art get deleted much on Bill Diamonds Amazon Book page,  The Evil and the Innocent.

Art hows that "smelly hand manifesto" that you wrote on Danny Bennison's "musing of the fornit idiot; Danny Bennison" topic  working out for you?

Is Bill Diamond making you wash your hands before you post, or is he into that shit also ?

LMAO get it art,  into that shit also.

You two abusive  assclowns defending the fraudulent Bill Diamond's asshole.  He must love you two sick whackjobs, but hey you  are helping him sell books, RIGHT, LMAO.

Aint Capitalism grand, only in America right Bill Diamond.


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