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Elan property, Poland Spring, Me. compound


Matt C. Hoffman:
70 #5 Colbath Road, Poland Spring Me. was sold to Stephen J. Kinney.

This sale was recorded 11-29-11. The price paid was $467,500, far from the reported asking price of $1,000,000.

Poland Springs was asked to re-assess the property , it was  granted.

Property land value was assessed to be $406,050.

Buildings value was assessed to be  $160,230.

Total assessed value $512,280. (*yes it is different from $566,280 that you would think it would  be*)

I still think he paid too much, lol for the elan compound. No permits have been pulled on the property as of 2-25-13.

It is sad that the pain and death caused by this hell hole of a piece of property  in Poland Springs, Maine could not be assessed and placed as a lien on this property.  This hypothetical figure would certainly be in the $150 million dollar and up  range.

Shame on you Mister Bill Diamond, former Maine state senator and hypocrite author extraordinaire. (also according to the book Duck in a Raincoat by Maura Curley , he is a former elan employee- by his own words.)

This will become a Hyde School and Sharon will have an interest in it. She'll probably be a silent partner

Bill Diamond can kiss my ass. He's a cunt


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