Author Topic: you girls are terrible liars  (Read 1416 times)

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you girls are terrible liars
« on: January 28, 2013, 07:57:34 AM »
I think someone else needs to write a book about the.liars,and assholes that make shit up on the internet,accusing others of the nasty behaviors they demonstrate every day
Still unconvinced,that Wayne exists.
It's all so familiar. The wording,and phrases used are the same ones used against me many many timed over while marky,and Sharon were on a rampage against myself
Also,I'm pretty certain its illegal to advertise homosexual rape,that never happened. Plus to read the sentence structure,poor grammar,and the desperation to hurt others,that I've only seen here,and no other place.
Plus Marky uses these phrases and sentences concerning homosexual sex frequently,as he is deeply in love with cock... I cite 200 pages of the same actions and behaviors found right here on this site. Add Sharons nose up markys ass it appears the sanity had left you both.
Why don't I know this Wayne charactor? In 12 or so years of this online abuse,and no Wayne untill the last year or so.....thia is fornits.. nobdy new comes here.
Sorry I havent been available to expose dummy A,or dummy B. It's so obvious
Marky,Sharon... Just kill yourself. Think of how many happy people you can make
You are still nobody,you will not ever be anything,and you are a drain on society
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