Author Topic: Art Warshawsky sexually abused children as Elan Staff  (Read 20168 times)

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Re: Art Warshawsky sexually abused children as Elan Staff
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Re: Artmann11111
by Gwen_Arnold ยป 30 Mar 2010, 23:02

Oh man I know you...... i know are the one doing all this mean shit. you were the same back then as you are now. Good God how do you look at yourself in the mirror? Art Warshawiski i know you how dare you show your face ever to anyone. some things never change do they, God you were a bastard then as you are today. That poor girl what is your problem. you got issues with women buddy well i got them too with wierdo men like you. you bring sadness to everything you touch. God bless this lady for standing up for herself you go girl dont take his shit ever. hell i dont even got to know whole story if you got anything to do with it i bet a million you hurt someone like always. you remeber me art? well you should you made my life hell buddy, pure hell. hope you get your "just deserts" you earned them. you are a poor excuse of a man you never forget that ever either.
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