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A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz

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Matt C. Hoffman:
none-ya wrote :
> No Wayne! Nobody here wants you to share anything!GO AWAY! STAY AWAY!

 Yo  None -Ya I have to say buddy that I don't really understand your deal here on this forum . You seem to want to simply stir the pot here and enjoy the mayhem that follows .

You started a defend Danny Bennison thread that only Danny and his sock puppets replied. I don't believe if memory serves if anyone really defended him .

Honestly I  don't know why you post on this forum you didn't go to Elan (unless you are another sock of Danny's) and I really don't care if you are a sock of Danny Bennison's ,it doesn't matter anyway .

I was in Elan , and let me tell you None-Ya ,the book that Wayne wrote called A Life gone awry: My Story about the Elan School,  portrayed the ambiance of what it was like during my time which was two years before Wayne got there. And no, None-Ya I had nothing to do with the writing of that book. As some fool suggested, and no None-Ya there was simply not enough info on this forum or the web to fictiously write about a place like Wayne did unless he was there ,Sorry.

The Fear , the homophobia ,the lunacy and all the violence was there when I was there and None-Ya it was sick.

None-Ya look dude you don't speak for me in your attack against Wayne Kernochan when you say that no one wants him to share anything. I believe what Wayne has shared about Paul Morantz thoughts on the Aftermath of the Synanon legacy  blog, is quite interesting and valuable  to the Elan story.

I don't know what program you were in but it behooves you to read Paul Morantz's blog  just to see  how impacted your were by Synanon thru your  particular program. And attacking the speaker like you did Wayne is just the continuance of the game, that your program taught you ,it offers nothing. I am glad Wayne posted what he did, because it is very valuable in the history of Elan  and offers the survivors of Elan more than you could possibly understand  because you were not in Elan, Right?

Therfore None-Ya since you didn't go to Elan and since your behavior here is more of a nusance and simply seems to feed your need. I want you to stop posting here on this Elan forum  because  it is really  none ya business.

thank you in advance  

Matt Hoffman

You want me to talk about my feelings and Danny and Art? Okay. Danny and Art didn’t report the abuse because they didn’t see it as abuse. For a lot of years I didn’t either. I accepted it, like I had been told to do.
I spoke to a person who was there in 1984 last night and he said Joe used to threaten to keep people longer, and said, “I can take away your childhood.”

He did that and more. They robbed us of a lot of things. Danny and Art and people like them were the worst victims. Affection makes their skin crawl. It did that to all of us. Talk about feelings much? I don’t and never did. Neither did many of you.
Lots of us figured it out or blocked it out and made lives for themselves. I was in the middle of that when all of this shit happened. I was happy and productive and people liked being around me. Since I’ve been away from the internet, I’ve gone back to that life.
All I hear in the way of Elan success stories is how much money you people made. I’ve done a few things in my life too. I’ve worked in homeless shelters and soup kitchens and given generously to charity all my life. Even when I was on drugs, I used to put money in the bread box at St Francis church.
I give away money to the local soup kitchen, mostly mentally ill Vietnam Vets, and am getting ready to do a writer’s course for the library to raise money for the children’s program. I roll twenty cigarettes a day and go to the park to give them away to the homeless

Elan should be proud of me.
Like Danny, I wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions that I went through when this all came back in my life. I didn’t know I still had that kind of viciousness still in me. I was ashamed. But the fact is, that was my Elan mind, the one Art and Danny are trapped in, and I can control that by just walking away
Everything bad about me was put there by Elan. I don’t take the blame for any of it. I wasn’t a monster, they were. I wasn’t bad, they were. With them gone from my life, people love me. People admire me. People want to be around me.
Elan robbed people like Art and Danny of their entire lives. I thought the people who disappeared after they closed their doors were fucked up, but they were the smart ones. The thing about Danny and Art and the rest of them, is they need to get in your head, and they can’t do that when their only existence is on the internet.
Except for promoting my books, the only time Elan occupies in my life, is my continuous effort to find a lawyer to sue Elan for sexual abuse.
Anyway, have fun screaming into the wind guys. No one cares. They didn’t then. They don’t now. And, they never will


Can we please stay on topic?

Look Matt, I have nothing against you. Never have. I've never threatened you or insulted you.Or wished you to die. Or wished that your offspring be born with webbed feet or anything. I have never attacked YOU!! But you have taken my issues with Wayne the liar personal.Too bad for you!I was never intended.And no, I didn't go to elan. You know that I've never claimed to. But from my time here,that I read everything.(until lately) Every Elan story. All the fighting between Art, Mark,Felice,and you. All the stories about Danny,the ring,the Kennedy cousin,ALL of it!! Everybody here knew all of those stories by heart. It was the same shit  over and over again. THEN here comes a "book". A really short book. With not one brand new story. Even had a built in villain. Danny Bennison.The funny thing is, Danny fought all the allegations except Wayne's.  Danny's response to Wayne was,"I don't know you". "We never met at Elan". I thought WHAT? This should be easy enough to prove either way.So I asked who knew who from Elan.All the usual suspects seemed to know each other except Wayne. So I then asked does anyone remember Wayne from Elan? NOT ONE PERSON CLAIMED TO HAVE MET HIM.NOT EVEN YOU!!! Between that and the radio shows with the phoney charity.  Have you read any of his other stuff? He's a name dropping fraud. Look I'm sorry for everything Elan survivors went through. I'm sure it was hell. So why let this two bit pimp exploit you? Again,I've got no problem with you. But Wayne Kernochan is a lying piece of shit

ps. I'm sure all of the pro Wayne trolls are gonna' shit all over this. Go ahead I expect no less.

none-ya the fag:
edited upon request


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