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A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz

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Terry Kato:
None-ya can't stay out of Elan drama because he is Elan's biggest drama queen-Danny Bennison

You disappeared for months but couldn't pass on attacking Wayne. Only one person gives a shit about Wayne that much any more, and that's Danny "Fucking" Bennison.

You created your own nemesis to find out what people had on you. simple

BBW getting fuck 2:
Terry Kato sounds like the name of a street bum, just saying.

Danny Bennison STFU:
none-ya wrote :
> Look Matt, I have nothing against you. Never have. I've never threatened
> you or insulted you.Or wished you to die. Or wished that your offspring be
> born with webbed feet or anything. I have never attacked YOU!! But you have
> taken my issues with Wayne the liar personal.Too bad for you!I was never
> intended.And no, I didn't go to elan. You know that I've never claimed to.
> But from my time here,that I read everything.(until lately) Every Elan
> story. All the fighting between Art, Mark,Felice,and you. All the stories
> about Danny,the ring,the Kennedy cousin,ALL of it!! Everybody here knew all
> of those stories by heart. It was the same shit  over and over again. THEN
> here comes a "book". A really short book. With not one brand new
> story. Even had a built in villain. Danny Bennison.The funny thing is,
> Danny fought all the allegations except Wayne's.  Danny's response to Wayne
> was,"I don't know you". "We never met at Elan". I
> thought WHAT? This should be easy enough to prove either way.So I asked who
> knew who from Elan.All the usual suspects seemed to know each other except
> Wayne. So I then asked does anyone remember Wayne from Elan? NOT ONE PERSON
> CLAIMED TO HAVE MET HIM.NOT EVEN YOU!!! Between that and the radio shows
> with the phoney charity.  Have you read any of his other stuff? He's a name
> dropping fraud. Look I'm sorry for everything Elan survivors went through.
> I'm sure it was hell. So why let this two bit pimp exploit you? Again,I've
> got no problem with you. But Wayne Kernochan is a lying piece of shit
> ps. I'm sure all of the pro Wayne trolls are gonna' shit all over this. Go
> ahead I expect no less.

--- Quote from: BBW getting fuck 2 ---Terry Kato sounds like the name of a street bum, just saying.
--- End quote ---

just saying  ----------- Danny Bennison STFU

Paul Morantz should join the FB group "Elan saved my life" It would give him a better idea of how fucked up the ones who did well are

The chick who started the group is pushing 400 pounds (No Danny, you can't tie her to the back of your car) The person who posts the most (Tim 'the douche' Richardson) is as abusive as he was when he was there.

Funny, in the two years the group has been there, they never once mention how Elan saved their life, or what they're doing with that new life. All they do is bitch

(Danny, feel free to tie Tim to the back of your car)

Same ole sock puppets, saying the same ole unsubstantiated bullshit.
Two facts, Matt Hoffman stabbed Robert A repeatedly and Wayne Kernochan molested a young boy in his backyard. Those are facts that no one can dispute. Both of these sick bastards were emotionally and mentally disturbed before they supposedly got to Élan, after they supposedly left Élan they went on to continue there violent nature. Wayne burned his parents house down and was sent to prison. Matt is an angry abusive soul just read his posts.
Wayne was never in Élan but continues to say he was.
What is so sad is they both are quick to point out others faults and most of the time lie about the person they want to hurt.
Wayne loves to talk about rape and molestation and yet he is the only one here that was sent away for this very act on a young boy and later in his life he abused and stole from older men while they slept after he had sex with them. Matt loves to scream about abuse and violent tendencies and yet he is the only one who stabbed another resident while at Élan, he came to Élan with a violent tendency and went on to lead a life with much anger.
These two and the various others who spout off here are classic examples of people who are living very unfulfilled lives. They have no one to blame but themselves.
Keep beating on Danny maybe one day the peace you are chasing may come.....NOT!!
None ya trying to relate with these demented fools is worthless. They don't care about what is true or false, what they want is for some one to play with them. They are lonely starving attention seekers, (sociopaths). They need our attention to validate their existence, we are subsidizing their membership here.
Let me clear up what Wayne Kernochan, Felice Eliscue, Mark Babbitz, Matt Hoffman, Sharon McCarthy and their accomplices have put on the search engine Google. Everyone here is not fooled by your suggestions to go and google Danny and you will find out about Danny. Most if not all the information within the search is immature rants by very sick people, hell bent on trying to blackball Danny by whatever means necessary.
Trust me all of you are well documented. We have criminal records, mental health visits, arrests and what your peers think of you within your communities. All of this has even gathered surrounding the years after you left Élan. Most of you have records as recent as within the last year. Wayne spent time at Vitam as a child for molesting a young boy. Doubt what I am saying, ask his family.
So please keep promoting the Google search for Danny, it actually helps him.
Good night.

If we had pleaded with Paul Morantz to speak on behalf of Élan the way Wayne and Matt had done, we could have got him to write a book. Shit, just like Matt, Sharon, Felice,Mark and Albert Beauchane did with Wayne Kernochan. The only connection Wayne has with treatment centers and mental institutions is Vitam (Wayne was sent there for molesting a young boy- read his second memoir on Élan. He tries to blame it all on his brother but his family knows who did it. Wayne you are a disgrace and a pathetic burden to your family. All one has to do is call them, they are more than happy to oblige your questions.
Paul Morantz has very little knowledge of Synanon and no knowledge of Élan. You people become very confused with writing a e book and having real knowledge. Like Wayne, Paul used others and open to the public articles in his book.
This is not to infer that I don't believe both rehabs were abusive and needed to be shut down. What I am saying is Wayne and Paul are not credible sources for info on these two institutions.

Just to clarify one more time Rauraidh (myself) and Horatio are not Danny. We are friends of Danny.
(Anyone used to using Apple products such as iPad's all know that "are" and "our" can be mistakenly inserted in sentences.)

It is not our responsibility to validate the accusations you have leveled. That is your deal. Wayne needs to answer why he is a fraud, Matt needs to answer for his murderous act and the fact he worked as staff and an escort. It doesn't matter if he was in re-entry or not. Hundreds of people went on into re-entry and chose not to work for Élan. Matt did and got paid for it. Mark Babbitz was home free from Élan and decided to come back,what hypocritical answer can he come up with.
The Élan brats that are here writing this immature crap and wasting our time need to regroup and realize they are hurting themselves more than Danny.
Paul Morantz, your misrepresentation of him is another reason why we don't take you seriously.
Do us all a favor, if you are going to write on this site act like you are a grown up.


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