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Shadow Mountain Recovery
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Recovery is not simply about abstaining from alcohol and/or drugs. Recovery is about replacing addictive behaviors and patterns with healthy pursuits that will be conducive to long term sobriety and successful living. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, an addiction recovery center designed for young men, we believe that recovery is a journey of discovery, NOT an “event”. There is no quick cure. More often than not, deeper core issues exist – issues that take time to identify and negotiate. Shadow Mountain Recovery’s three-tiered drug and alcohol rehab program has been specifically designed with this in mind. Within the framework of a structured, yet supportive and loving environment, SMR provides ample time for young men to continue in their healing process while developing the necessary tools to learn to live life on life’s terms. We focus on integrity, responsibly in all aspects of living…and the importance of willingness and courage as we journey along the road of recovery. Unlike most others our small and exclusive program has a coverage ratio of 3 students / 1 staff with the exception of overnight.
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Shadow Mountain Recovery

Residential Extended Care Program

Shadow Mountain Recovery is a secondary treatment and sober living facility for men ages 18-24. Our 37 acre campus is located in a pristine mountain and forest environment at an elevation of 9000 ft. Residents enjoy the apartment style living and a campus filled with activities. Our residents receive the latest in substance abuse treatment, our program provides extensive therapeutic services for the entire family. Our commitment is not only to recovery from addiction, but all the family work needed to repair the damage caused by addiction. We specialize in helping young men become self supporting confident young adults, ready to take on life and responsibility while living a fun sober lifestyle.

Our residential apartment style living arrangement creates a platform to teach recovery,responsibility and independence everyday while in treatment and preparing to reintegrate into the community.