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New Lifetime tv show sending kids to Aspen programs


Reddit TroubledTeens:
"Teen Trouble" has just been picked up for 8 episodes on Lifetime, it officially begins 12/28/12 at 10pm ET. They recently ran two "sneak peek" episodes where the host, Josh Shipp, sent kids to Aspen facilities. The first one was hard to watch, he sent a young girl to Copper Canyon Academy in Arizona for a year. She didn't want to go & was very vocal about wanting to be included in decisions about her treatment, but he and her parents forced her. In the second episode, he sent a boy to Outback Therapeutic Expeditions in Utah for 90 days.

The second episode is still up as of right now:

It's a pretty big deal that a major network is running a show that is sending kids to programs with many online accounts of abuse, not to mention 6 kids have died in Aspen programs. We have to do something.

People are starting to organize on facebook in the various groups. Bipolar Nation is doing a series of radio shows spotlighting this. CAFETY is collecting data to file reports. Some survivors are developing OpLiberation has taken over the hash tag #TeenTrouble and is contacting the show's viewers.

I've put together some ideas on how people can help:

One thing we really need is to gather as much info as possible about Copper Canyon & Outback. If any of you Research Wizards are able to pull some info together, that would be a huge help!!

I have a small start, but I know there is much, much more out there. Can anyone add to this list?

I just watched episode 2  and they never sent the kid anywhere.

Reddit TroubledTeens:
That's odd, it happened at the end, around 47:00 or 49:00. It's really quick, the host tells him he's going to Outback then what looks like a legit theater camp. I can't access the video anymore, I wonder if they changed the ending...?


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