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Two Girls ESCAPE from Acadia Village 11.12.12

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Even MORE bad news for Joey Joe Joe and Acadia Healthcare.

A couple of teenage girls who escaped from a residential treatment center in Blount County were recaptured after the quick thinking of a man who lived nearby.

According to Sheriff James Berrong, the two girls, ages 15 and 17, were in staying at the Acadia Village Residential Center on Jones Bend Road.  Monday evening around 8:30, the girls set of a fire alarm as a distraction and took off.

After leaving the center, Berrong says the two girls broke into a nearby house, stole cash and car keys, and were attempting to steal the homeowner's vehicle when they were caught and scared off.

The girls then went to another residence nearby, knocked on the door, and told the homeowner a story about needing a ride to go see one of the girl's sick mother.

The sheriff says the homeowner invited then in and played along, then called and told authorities where the girls were.  Deputies arrived and took them back into custody around 11:40 p.m.
The teens are now in custody at the Blount Count Juvenile Detention Facility.  They are each charged with delinquent by aggravated burglary and delinquent by theft of property
of a motor vehicle over $10,000.

Che Gookin:
One only hopes they spend a few days in a much safer Blount County durance vile versus Acadia's Rocky Mountain Horror Show of a Program.

Che Gookin wrote :
> One only hopes they spend a few days in a much safer Blount County durance
> vile versus Acadia's Rocky Mountain Horror Show of a Program.

Che, I don't know about much safer in this case. I have never heard a story about The Blount County Jail and detention facilities being reasonable.
I have heard (and believe) they especially don't like minorities-here is one example,unfortunately done pro se, but I don't think the out come would have been any different.
PV kids knew better than to do what these two girls did, and we have the stories on this thread about trying to swim across the lake etc...
From what I have heard and read, the Acadia experience is much looser and less restrictive.
I have been trying to keep this thread up to date with the info I get. A lot of people don't know about the Acadia Healthcare/UHS connection although I saw that Zen brought it up a few times on the Keep and Eye on PSI and UHS group of FB.
Good to see you back on Fornits. Facebook gives me hives.

Che Gookin:
Any updates on the two young ladies?

Not yet.  I'm curious as to why they took the risk and ran - just opportunity, or a result of piss-poor treatment?  It is a shame they can't make any public statements, but of course they would be branded "liars" if they cast aspersions on the Village.


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