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CBS refuses to sell time to Move On during Super Bowl


Last week, CBS censored free speech by refusing to sell airtime to the MoveOn Voter Fund for a political ad during the Super Bowl. The ad is
critical of the Bush Administration's run-up of the federal deficit.

CBS -- owned by media giant Viacom -- says it doesn't run "controversial" ads during the Super Bowl. But it plans to air a White House drug policy spot during the game. The last such ad linked marijuana smoking to terrorism... hardly uncontroversial.

It is no coincidence that the White House and the FCC are pushing through new media ownership limits at the behest of CBS and other media
giants -- efforts that MoveOn and Free Press activists have been fighting. CBS/Viacom spent $4 million lobbying Congress in the last four years alone.

CBS is playing politics with the right to free speech: another example of media monopoly's chilling effect on democratic debate.

We need your help to spread the word about CBS and the growing media crisis. Many members of Congress continue to fight media consolidation
because millions of Americans have raised their voices. This recent insult proves that we need millions more.

First, forward this email to everyone you know who cares about free speech and democracy.

Next, go to to learn more and sign up  to be a Free Press E-Activist if you are not one already.

Help us expand the number of activists working to build a media system that serves the public interest, not just corporate interests. Our
democracy depends on it.

The Free Press Team

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