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United Nations report on Human Development
« Reply #15 on: January 06, 2004, 03:02:00 PM »
As long as it's liberty for me.  
The problem I have with the Libertarean movement is that I see it as being extremely narcissistic and surprisingly gullible when faced with political opportunists who would exploit libertarean ideals to undermine safety net considerations that we have all  benefitted from.  

So now, the US has a 44 TRILLION dollar deficit in large part because of foriegn adventures and belligerence.  In Bushe's war to defend "freedom" and bring "democracy" to Iraq, he must now address that deficit(see Fortune magazine) by cutting civil liberties, increasing the drug war and cutting social programs and taxes, etc etc.  

The fact remains that...
(bearing in mind the other posts about US learning from Nazi's)
A Knesset investigation has now found that "Israel is now rated second in the Western world, AFTER the United States, in terms of social gaps in income, property, capital, education and spending AS WELL AS IN THE EXTENT OF POVERTY"
Its formerly quite successful social welfare system has eroded, and social-cultural values have changed significantly as well.
And justice for all, right?
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