Author Topic: Cyber Stalking- Massive on RFR is crying again.  (Read 7190 times)

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Cyber Stalking- Massive on RFR is crying again.
« on: August 05, 2012, 12:08:09 AM »
Cyber Stalking

Postby massive ยป Thu May 31, 2012 8:50 pm
I am being attacked on orange-papers by jif

the facts are these- this was taken from a lawyers website

Fight Defamation by Anonymous Message Posters
One of the biggest barriers to holding people responsible for Internet defamation is that they typically post messages using anonymous e-mail addresses or screen names. Many people who post damaging content online believe that Web anonymity is a free speech right, or that it makes them immune from prosecution.

Not true.

I would appreciate all of your support. I have contacted Orange If he does not take it down I am going to ask all us here to stop posting there for a time to make a statement.Those of you who will support me I will appreciate.

No its is not true that anyone can say anything about anyone on a blog. Just like in AA where many of us have been sexually harassed. You can not do it on a blog either.

Just got back from the LAPD , it s a civil issue, unless one send it in an email to you directly. Or if its a threat. I have called lawyer that specializes in this. But I can see no one gives a shit. LOL

I dont know what Orange is talking about when he says freedom of speech. Did he forget what he wrote about Bill W? Freedom of speech does not over ride the other laws we have to protect us harassment. GIve me a break. Like he doesnt know that.
I am fucking pissed and Im going to take action to defend my name and character.
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