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Tony Spezia TIGHT with the former PV
« on: June 04, 2012, 06:25:23 PM »
Never knew until I read this recent article that Tony "the boss" Spezia was with Peninsula. A few years ago he claimed ignorance of what went on at the village. ... uccess-in/

Eventually, Spezia was lured to Knoxville by banker Roger Osborne with the prospect of helping a well-established, local family, which was struggling with a lot of different business interests, one of which was Peninsula Hospital.
"I knew Tony would be a great fit," said Osborne, SunTrust Bank's Knoxville president who has known Spezia for more than 30 years.
Asked at the time by Peninsula's accounting firm, Pershing and Yoakley, if Spezia had a background in healthcare, Osborne replied, "No, but it doesn't matter. In six months, he'll know everything about healthcare."
"Tony could manage any company, any size, in any industry," Osborne said.
Spezia helped get the Greer family's businesses straightened out and began turning Peninsula's fortunes around by getting more patients, taking good care of them and getting them stabilized to outpatient care.
"We're still doing Peninsula. We've lost $20 million there over the last five years, providing those services. That's part of what we give back to the community. And we've got to run all of our businesses really well to be able to do that."

He knew what was going on at at PV the whole time...HE KNEW.
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