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Che Gookin:

--- Quote ---Subject: Attention:Che Gookin,
Date: 15th May, 2012

Attention:Che Gookin,

I am Barrister Billy Chan a legal practitioner.I am the personal attorney to late Mr. Patrick Gookin,a business consultant who died with his family on 14 Apr 2010 in Yushu county in north-west province of Qinghai earthquake during his business trip to the province.You can read more about the earthquake through the below link ... toll-yushu

Do kindly contact me directly on my private email adddress below thus;( [email protected]
--- End quote ---

Whatever response is posted first I will send it, providing it does not put me on the hook financially or legally.

So no giving away my retirement fund or threatening to kill his whole family.


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