Author Topic: Former AARC Counselor Loses Murder 2 Appeal  (Read 2369 times)

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Former AARC Counselor Loses Murder 2 Appeal
« on: November 05, 2012, 02:09:22 AM »
"The deceased asked him if he had had too much to drink:

[The Appellant]: I remember her like saying like, ďHow much did you have to drink tonight?Ē And I was like ďOh, not that much.Ē  And then I just kept trying, and she kept saying, ďItís not going to work.  You canít get it up.Ē  And I just remember I got so fuckiní angry and so hurt. I (unintelligible) didnít know what happened.  Like I fucking (crying), I just fuckiní got so angry.

[Detective Weidman]:  At her or at yourself?

[The Appellant]:  It was just ang-, like it was just fuckiní anger.  It was just like I never really had it before.  Itís like I got so fuckiní angry.  Like I donít know if it was (sniffing) couldnít get it up, or fuckiní her making fun of me, like I was just (sniffing) fuckiní angry, and I remember just starting to hit her.  And I started to choke her, and I donít know...

21.       The Appellant could not remember whether he hit or choked the deceased first, but said he hit her 10 or 15 times. He could not remember hitting her in the face, but remembered hitting her in the ribs. When he did she made a ďwindedĒ sound, like she had been body checked hard.

22.       Later in the interview the Appellant said the rage came on him suddenly:

[Detective Weidman]:  Did she say anything to you that was uh, you know, did she make fun of you?

[The Appellant]:  Yeah, like I remember sheís like, I remember sheís like, ďHave you had too much to drink, and thatís why this wonít come up?Ē  And then, so I donít know what I responded, but I remem-, I remember again sheís like, ďWhy canít thisĒ, like ďWhy canít you get this up?Ē  Like, ďIím trying everything, and itís just like,Ē I donít even, I donít even remember if thatís like when I got angry. I just remember her saying that, and then I just, like I just remember this moment, and itís just like I got...

[Detective Weidman]:  So she didnít make fun of you?  She just asked what you, this is not working?

[The Appellant]:  Yeah.  I donít like, I, I donít know how it like, she, what she said, and then I just took it as Iím being made fun of.  I was embarrassed, I couldnít get it up.  Like I was so drunk...

* * *

[The Appellant]: ... Like Iíve never experienced the hit that anger [sic].  Itís just like...

[Detective Weidman]:  Mmhmm.

[The Appellant]:  Itís intense.  Like I canít explain it other than thereís uh, just this extreme anger, and itís just like, just this haze.  Itís just like I remember swinging, I remember her choking, and I donít even know what started it.

23.       When the Appellant realized what he had done he panicked. He ran around the apartment and threw anything he thought he might have touched into a bag. He remembered grabbing a jacket with a hood from the deceased's closet and putting it on because he thought there might be cameras in the hallway. He used an area rug to drag the deceasedís body down the stairwell, and propped the outside door open with a Pepsi bottle. He dragged the body across the parking lot and into the bushes. At that point he realized what he was doing was useless and started running home.

24.       When he got home he quickly packed some clothes and made his way by Skytrain and bus to the Langley Greyhound station. He caught a bus to his parentsí home in Calgary and told them he had killed someone. He turned himself in the following day."
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