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Aspen researcher
« on: May 10, 2012, 12:06:19 AM »
We've been contacted by a researcher looking into various wilderness programs, with a particular interest in a showcase program of Aspen Education, SUWS of the Carolinas. In addition, the researcher is interested in those who attended Aspen Achievement Academy from 2005 onwards. This researcher is primarily interested in speaking on the record or anonymously to those who've attended that particular SUWS of the Carolinas program -- not the one in Idaho or elsewhere -- especially those who may have attended from the fall of 2006 through now. But their interest includes those who went there before the fall of 2006 as well. They are interested in your experiences, whether they were negative or positive. They'd also like to know if there have been any online blogs, articles, postings, etc. devoted to SUWS of the Carolinas.

If you'd like to tell your story, please contact me at (I started This is time-sensitive, we are looking for responses in the next few days. Please spread the word! Thanks!
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