Author Topic: LESBIANS RULE The World!  (Read 1331 times)

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« on: May 06, 2012, 08:38:14 PM »
Everyone knows jew bankers control the money supply and the media and its also well known that Italians do the leg work for every racket on the planet subservant to the jews who again just collect the filthy money.  Subservant to the Ities of course are the niggers and mexicans who do the dirty work.

So just who put these little dick angry guys in charge of everything?  Who would hold the utmost power over otherwise physically undesirable men?  Women of course, P Power!

If one takes into account that every power structure on this planet, ie: government, is a false front for whose really in charge.  Also take into account that Hillary Clinton has been in power 16 years now minimum.  Google female leaders around the globe and suddenly you see that Prime Ministers from Germany to India etc... the list is very long of female leaders around the globe while the political villain is always a man, the dicktater.

Men fight in wars and do the labor on the planet and play the puppet on a string while being constantly reinforced that they are the stronger sex, bread winner yada yada. Its an incredible scam that could only be conceived by a creature that has to rely on cunning and schemes to get her way.

Scientific method is very strong and leans toward a society of women, likely lesbians that are in fact the rulers of the earth.  Consider yourself enlightened.
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