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We need help from someone who's adept at phpbb and totally trustworthy. Any ideas?

--- Quote from: "[email protected]" ---Dear customers,

We encourage you to update your phpBB forums to the latest version as it prevents many security bugs and make your forum stable.
There are many anti-spam methods to prevent the spambots registeration and posting , please pick up one of these mods to keep your forum clean

We provide paid services , if you want our assistance please reply to us and we will be happy to put all our efforts and experience for your help
we can help you in updating , mod installation , styling your forum with a unique style and solve any other problem you may face

Thank you .
--- End quote ---

Che Gookin:
PHPBB3 isn't that difficult to use, which is what I thought we were using now?


--- Quote from: "Enash" ---Here, you @&$!*&#!@!, just try a little of this:

The 1st Amendment protects the right to freedom of expression from government interference. However, you are currently posting on private web property and your comments are bound by our site's policies. We have a zero-tolerance policy for comments containing violence (threats, suggestions or direct statements permitting violent or threatening acts or sentiments), racism (suggestion that one "race" is superior to others), crassness or profanity (any word or phrase considered by courteous society to be profane), all caps (a violation of internet etiquette), discourteous behavior (calling names, rude or insulting statements directed at another user/post) or violations similar in nature to any of these offenses. Posts violating our policies of posting are subject to removal and the user may face banning. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.

 :beat:  :beat:  :beat:  :beat:  :beat:  :nods:
--- End quote ---
I have to say you are the most consistent poster on the board...I know what your gonna say before you even type.....Your gonna be a legend.

Enash is a kkkunt:
Dang, Enash. You'd think you'd desire to be a legend at something a little more positive. I don't know what these people did to you, and I really don't fukkin care, but you need to start attacking them, and not innocent people. Most of the people you attack never did anything to you. Why then do you find it amusing to be such a kunt to them? Is it because you are insecure? Insignificant? Ugly? Abused? Used? Immature? Or do you just like to hurt people? What is your major malfunction, biitch?


Please do not consider ... &t=2111378



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