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Happy Anniversary

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Now you're gonna' crack wise on my health? 4 surgeries later and I'm still here.Wayne ,the one thing you can't accuse me of is wishing physical harm on anybody. Nor have I ever THREATENED  physical harm to anyone here. And I've certainly never encouraged anyone here to kill themselves. YOU HOWEVER, DO ALL THREE,ALL THE TIME!! But realizing you're nothing  but a windbag full of hot air, a narcissistic self-important liar. YOU CAN'T HARM ME OR ANYONE ELSE HERE! And that just frosts your ass don't it. Please do us all a favor and get a clue. Life can't be that good over on the dark side.


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You're beginning to bore me

Wayne The Pimp lol:


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--- Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan" ---Why did they waste 4 surgeries on a piece of shit who makes child rape jokes?

Grab your chest and fall over sideways, "that" would be funny
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I love cock in my ass, mouth, and my mothers twat


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