Author Topic: Dontcha Hate It Wen Skanks Rub Your Nose in their Slutiness?  (Read 776 times)

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Online sex blogger Lena Chen has a way of bringing out the skanks...

Most people are quick to laugh off Chen's postings for the unhinged ParisHilton nymphomania it is.  (High points of her blog include pictures of her face smeared by a sexpartner's DNA, ew http:// and pics of her bloated nude self (http://

But then you have the lolcows out there who take Lena seriously--usually "Sex and the City" Samantha wannabes--who circle the wagons around their Goddess of Skank, as they do here: http://

First we find skankette Miriam Lazewatsky, who uses braindead sociology to rationalize her promiscuity

Typical moralizing, judgmental cattiness. How original. It feels pat to reiterate the inconsistency in our culture in that men are allowed to not only be promiscuous, but are praised when the talk about it, while women are supposed to be virginal until marriage and never enjoy sex. Sexuality is not immoral, nor is it causing any cultural or societal downfall. The demonization of sexuality, specifically women's sexuality, is also a product of Medieval Christianity that has been absorbed into modern American culture - you don't see priggishness like this in most of Europe.

Next in line is Jane Hu (a grad student at granola Berkeley college)...

I'd wager that many (if not most) of your critics and hateful commenters are just intrigued by or even jealous of you, your honesty, your ability to succeed as a person while still being interesting, your Harvard education

Apparently Jane Hu finds semen-smeared photos something to be jealous of.  We look forward to her posting her own Jane Hu Bukkake gallery...then again, maybe not.

Well, there's lots moar to lulz about, but you get the idea...
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Re: Dontcha Hate It Wen Skanks Rub Your Nose in their Slutin
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