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Sad News


Scott Free:
Hello Frieda!  Long time no see!

I found this sight while surfing Drug Policy Forum of Florida. Stephen Heath wrote an excellent article in the St. Petersburg Times on I think, May 6th, rebutting John Walters Reefer Madness article a week previous.

I have the highest respect for anyone that's involved fighting this war on drugs. I also have the highest respect for survivors of places like the Seed and Straight, that are coming forward now with their own private horror stories of the war.

Someone asked me once if I was a veteran, and my response was yes, of the Drug War.

I knew Jim Gaskins in high school! He was a very funny guy! What happened to him? I am sad to hear he is no longer here.

Drug Free America Foundation had an office near my home in St. Petersburg. Key word HAD.
It used to really bother me to see that place, so every once in awhile I would send them an eviction notice, or a High Times Magazine. Sometimes I would just cut out articles about drug war victims and mail them those. Gee, I hope they didn't

I want to be that itch in their back that they just can't seem to reach. I'm not sure where they've gone, but I'll find 'em. I'm just glad they got the hell out of my neighborhood.

I bought a pack of rolling papers recently from a convenience store and the clerk was wearing a D.A.R.E. hat. I didn't say a word.
I shoulda took a picture of him though, because he looked like one hell of a loser.

After "talking" with Greg, I looked through all my Lakewood High yearbooks. I smiled when I saw your picture, because I remember you very well. Didn't we have Social Studies class together with Mr. Carlos Owens?

Even though I wasn't sent to the seed, it affected me greatly because I knew even back then that something wasn't right with it. I lost many friends. I can still remember one friend (Barry) in my Driver's Ed class that begged me not to talk to him, so he wouldn't be sent back. I never blamed the seedlings. I blamed the seed.

I hope to hear more from you about anything at all. I'm trying to remember the girls that you hung out w/ in high school before the seed. My high school years were some of the best years of my life. It's very sad that that experience was taken away from some, by a few very mean-spirited people.

I was in a religious group in high school called Young Life. Do you remember?

I NEVER expected to run into people I knew from high school on the internet, but I am very glad I did!

I salute everyone here at this site, and may all your future endeavors be fruitful ones.
                            - Scott

Scott Free:
yes, that is sad about Jim. I remember that he was quite popular, but not in a jock or brain kind of way, just friendly.

Can you lead me to that Lakewood discussion board? Sounds interesting.

Very good to hear from you freedom (great screen name, btw)!

                     best - Scott


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