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Congressional Videos on Youtube
« on: March 08, 2012, 10:29:46 PM »
I have been working on making shorter videos from the Congressional Hearings so the info can be used. I will paste links to the videos I have made here.

2007 Hearings - Wilderness Programs:

2007 Hearings - NATSAP - Jan moss compilation:

8 Short videos from the 2008 Congressional Hearings. I hope these are more digestible and useful for sending to parents and/or using for other videos compilations. Please rip them and make copies for your own use. Real player has an easy way to download video files.









Now here is a 2008 compilation of the previous 8 videos I rolled into one:

Most other video of the Hearings can be found on Youtube, mostly posted by 'edlabordemocrats". Most personal Testimonies were recorded and posted by them, for instance testimonies of parents who lost their children to programs as well as survivors of programs.
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