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Looking for information about a program (apparently state-run) that was operating in 2000. A friend of mine, knowing that I'm a straight survivor, has a friend whose son was court-ordered into this place for 7 months at age 13. He's very damaged at 25, I want to find out what I can for him.  Nothing on google.

I found a Duval Start Center in Jacksonville, Florida.  Trying to find any information on this place.

Duval Start Center

School Information:

7500 Ricker Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32244

(904) 573-3900

Public School

Grades: PreK-12

Ok, I'm getting conflict of information here.  The addresses do not remain on the same, depending on the site.  Compare this site:

Duval Start Center is located in Duval County at 2335 W 18th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32209-4599. The contact phone number is (904) 798-4818.

Other sites confirm the latter address.

The school has apparently closed but I can't find any information on when it closed.  It was a school that was classed as an alternative school.


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