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Re: This Board is the Biggest Piece of Worthless Shit Ever!

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You wanna talk about the seed fine. I believe I'm the only one (other than you I guess)here left from the seed.


--- Quote from: "??????????" ---That's my point.  People seek something like this out and then they find it.  They then come here looking for understanding and instead find people who have stagnated from the time they were there and are still paranoid and immature.  The worst of it all is that their fear and self-hatred won't let the others get anything good from here.  Don't you like it when someone posts "KKKKUNT!!" !?

No - this place is a piece of shit devoid of anything good or positive.  Don't you see that 18 have viewed but have nothing to say?  That's because they're afraid of participating for fear of how they'll be treated.

The moderator of this forum is the worst of all.  He thinks that allowing anonymous attacks, filth and hatred will somehow be a productive thing - what an idiot!

WHAAAAH!!  :suicide:
--- End quote ---
The moderators claim that garbage is freedom of speech, but abuse, harassment and criminal libel are not covered under freedom of speech

They're cowards, plain and simple

So ??????????, I thought you wanted to talk about the seed.
 Where were you,how long,what's your story?

Um, this is an unmoderated forum.


I do not go to the pages where people are attacking each other. I have found 2 people so far and they have joined a group I have on FB called: Survivors of The Seed and here is the link. It does not and will not allow attacking or threats of any kind. All Seed Survivors are welcome to join.


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