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You do know that all of you are trolls, right?

Tell us your real name and your not. Even the moderators are

I never went to elan. Nor have I ever claimed to.
You people are completely whacked.The crap that I have read from what's left of the minds of elan survivors is a testimonial to your collective madness There must have been 1000's of kids that went through that place, but here all we hear from is a hand full of the same old malcontents over and over again. They are obsessed with it.It seems to consume their lives. Could you (the reader) imagine spending a couple of days with Felice or Wayne? You would probably run away pulling your hair out and screaming. You people seem to have no joy in your lives,or even a sense of humor. At least Danny cracks a joke now and then. And he's supposed to be the evil one.
Geez, you guys need to chill out.
Sit back,
roll a fatty
and just........


NO ! I only use this one. The rest are sockpuppets and trolls!
But then everybody already knows that.


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