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~2 dozen Programa Ibicuy residents escape and notify police

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What appears to have happened (if I'm reading these translations correctly), is that, at least at that point in time (namely, roughly a year ago), Ibicuy was taking in voluntary placements. Perhaps Ibicuy was aggressively marketing itself as an bona fide addiction treatment option.

However, as we all know, people who choose to enter an addiction treatment program voluntarily have certain expectations as to recognition of their rights as individuals as well as personal dignity. Said elements appear to have been lacking from the Ibicuy program.

Consequent the rebellion, such as it was, of roughly 50% of the Ibicuy clientele.

In response, in all probability a self-protective measure, Ibicuy filed counter charges, specifics of which I am unable to decipher.

Matt C. Hoffman:
Thank you  all for playing  is it  Juan's or is it  the juan standing behind juan concerning  his imported Elan program that he carried from the backwoods of Maine to his country of origin Argentina and named it IBICUY  - and why would the sock puppet  t-rex - who we all know is db run the bullshit that  he did. The sicknesses know no bounds .

And Juan Ferreria  posts on Elan survivor sites -  imo a sadist of the uber extreme-   bumping this up so it is easier for those interested to find . 

Che Gookin:
Two things..

1) Damn i miss Ursus, I hope the bear reads this and knows the bear will always hold a special place in my shriveled coal lump of a heart.

2) Holy fuck, Elan made it to Argentina?


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