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Homicidal PV Alumnus On The Run With Jesus...
« on: February 08, 2012, 02:18:38 PM »
I've lost count...but this has to be a program record for killer alumni.  Shit, I wonder if they still do alumni retreats? ... article=33

September 14, 2011
Suspects in Angeles double murder on the run

By: Jess Malabanan

ANGELES CITY – The two suspects in the Sept 2 cold-blood murder of ex-Ireland policeman and his Filipina live-in partner at Josefaville Subdivision are now the subject of a massive manhunt launched by authorities after they were positively identified by witnesses as responsible in the twin gunslay.

Police tagged Timothy “Tim” Kaufman, 33, native of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, and Jesus “Jess” Santos, a suspected gun-for-hire, both occupants of an apartment along Don Juico Avenue, in Barangay Balibago, as the alleged suspects in the killing.  

Kaufman has standing court records including manufacture of methamphetamine in Knoxville seven years ago.

CL Daily sources said Kaufman worked in several bars along Fields Avenue before including those owned by businessman Richard Agnew.
This developed as city officials lauded the Angeles City Police Office (ACPO) headed by Senior Supt. Rodolfo Recomono Jr. for giving swift justice to the family of David Balmer and Elma de Guia double murder case.

Also cited is Chief Inspector Luisito Tan, Chief of the Station 4, and his men, who doubled their efforts to solve the case.

Balmer and De Guia were killed in their bed by armed men who sneaked into the house occupied by the victims and business partner Richard Agnew, a retired Irish cop, who settled along Fields Avenue and built his empire of girly bars.

Agnew was invited for questioning shortly after authorities discovered the incident but he denied knowledge of the crime.
The Irish businessman claimed he noticed the main door of his house destroyed when he arrived home from work.

But he said he “did not give much attention to it.” Believing it was his business partner that destroyed the door.

Recomono said the assassination was a well-planned  and executed by the suspects citing the recorded entry of the vehicle – white Toyota Innova (XRJ-264), and a motorcycle (2770-RD) – they used during the surveillance of the target.

Recomono said the security guards’ logbook revealed that Santos initially visited Agnew’s residence along 2-1 Quezon St.

On August 27, Recomono said Santos and a foreigner on board a KIA car with license plates XRJ-264 visited 6-6 with no name of street indicated in the logbook.

On Sept. 2, the suspects went back to Josefaville using a white Toyota Innova bearing the same license plates.
The said car was noticed by witnesses parked in front of Agnew’s residence past 3 a.m. or shortly after the killing.

When checked with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Tan said the car was found to be registered to a certain Araceli Garcia, a resident of Barangay Sapangbato.

Garcia when confronted by police admitted she owned the car.

She told investigators that Kaufman rented the vehicle during the entire month of August.

Recomono said the Garcia immediately surrendered the car to authorities after she learned that the vehicle was used in the crime.

He said Scene Of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) from the Angeles City Crime Laboratory Office processed the car and lifted latent finger prints and marks as specimen.

The suspects are still at-large as of press time, Recomono said.
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Re: Homicidal PV Alumnus On The Run With Jesus...
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God wills it?
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