Author Topic: STRAIGHTLING: book on the way by a Straight Inc. survivor  (Read 943 times)

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STRAIGHTLING: book on the way by a Straight Inc. survivor
« on: January 10, 2012, 06:48:20 PM »
Go to her site and get a free sample chapter, Cyndy is very talented.

My Book

It's 1985 in this crappy little Connecticut town. Just Say No! is in full swing, and so's my fucked-up life.

Nothing was supposed to get this bad. I used to be just some unpopular kid, whose best friend was God and whose dead dad was famous. We're a dime a dozen, right? Then my mother marries a molester, and the seesaw tilts down, hard.

So I run away to Bridgeport, this city that's always dark. I get Bridgeport and the basements, the guys, and the pot that go with it. And everything's okay.

But before I can even learn how to smoke pot right, my mother has me arrested. And then she finds this--this warehouse, where she can lock me up. Straight Inc., it's called.

On the outside, Straight's a drug rehab. On the inside, it's a cult. But the outside sure is shiny! I mean, Princess friggin Di visited, and Nancy Reagan. I mean, damn.

So began my descent, as a fourteen-year-old, into the world of brainwashing and institutionalized abuse: with a newscast of the first lady's visit to a teen reform factory.

Straightling takes the reader on a first-person rollercoaster ride. It rips through my wide-eyed childhood, then on into my sixteen months locked in a building, singing preschool songs and being spit on by a hive of troubled teens. It follows the dismantling of my will to live and, aided by primary sources, plays witness to the work of karma. In the end, Straight Inc. lies in ruins while I live on in my glossy life, with my dream guy and my dream dogs.
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