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Sex in a unnamed children’s home in Shelby County


Any chance of getting the name of the Children's home?

Ex-juvenile corrections officer gets prison for sex crime
Dayton Daily News, January 5, 2012

MIAMI COUNTY — A former juvenile detention officer in Miami County was sentences to prison for having sex with a minor.
Whitfield Farley was given three years in prison on two charges of sexual battery today and ruled a Tier III sex offender. He will have to register with the sheriff’s office the remainder of his life.
The victim is a girl Farley met while he was a guard and house parent in a children’s home in Shelby County.

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Ex-corrections officer sentenced in sex crime

Staff Report


A man from Anna who was sworn to uphold the law as a corrections officer was sentenced on Thursday for having sex with an underage Indiana girl who he brought across the state line into Ohio.

Whitfield Farley, 45, was given three years in prison on two charges of sexual battery today and ruled a Tier III sex offender.  

Farley first met the girl at the West Central Ohio Juvenile facility near Troy, where he was a guard and at the Clear Creek Farm near Sidney, where Farley also worked at the facility for children without families to care for them.

Farley recently took a plea bargain, pleading no contest to two counts of sexual battery in exchange for the plea pending charges in Miami County and with the FBI were dismissed.

 Judge James Stevenson ordered Farley to three years in prison and to pay an $800 fine. He was also labeled a Tier III sex offender, which means he must register with the sheriff's office in the county where he lives for life.

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Above link includes video

Shelby Co. employee pleads not guilty

Updated: Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011, 6:43 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 07 Sep 2011, 6:43 PM EDT

SIDNEY, Ohio (WDTN) - New information about a Shelby County worker accused of assaulting a teenager.

Officials say Whitfield Farley was working as night shift supervisor at the Clear Creek Juvenile facility when he attacked a 17 year old girl.

He pled not guilty to four counts of sexual battery in a Shelby County Courtroom Wednesday.

Farley's attorney says the allegations have ruined his client's reputation.

"He looks forward to clearing up his name. Obviously, when you're accused of sex crimes, your name is tarnished in the community," said Chris Bucio, Farley's attorney.

Farley's bond was set at $40,000.

He's not allowed to have contact with any children other than his own and is on unpaid administrative leave.

The girl he's accused of assaulting has returned to her home in Indiana.


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