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Turnabout Ranch - success story


People are busy moaning about us finding all the negative stories about people who have been in behavior modification programs, so here are a success story about a young adult who were sent to Turnabout Ranch in 2005:

Ashley Cole's 'three-month affair' with contestant on Katie Price's model show

From the article:

--- Quote ---
The budding model already appeared on a reality show back in 2005.

Her parents sent her to Brat Camp, a US correctional facility, because she shoplifted.

--- End quote ---

Maybe it is because I am male, but I think that she turned out very nicely. I understand why she caught that Wayne-dude's attention.


Brat Camp Series 2

Jemma Henley    Disobedience, shop lifter, expelled from 3 schools ... fe_around/

She says: "Talking of her past behaviour, she said: “Before I went on Brat Camp and for about a year after I was just a person who had to break every rule. I was just out of control and clearly had issues I did not realise at the time.

“Suddenly, I just grew up and realised I needed to sort my life out, and I started doing modelling. It has given me focus. "

Nah, I can't imagine what that Wayne-dude saw in her. ;D

She didn't jump from Escalante to modelling right away. She was a dancer in the hip-hop world under the name Jemma Vixen 2-3 years ago.

Music Myspace page

Our no-meeting-live rule here at spft gives some meaning when you spot a survivor like her. I could imagine a lot which could happen with her around me.


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