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Montana Academy

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There is a comment on a student testimony blog here:

It states:

--- Quote from: Nolen Jax ---I spent two years at Montana academy. They withheld my high school diploma even though I passed all my classes and completed all of the states required credits for graduation. I turned 18 and legally could have left but was tricked into staying when they threatened to get extended custody and meek me there until I turned 21. I was kicked out A few months later even though the clinical directors told everyone I had chosen to leave. They also convinced my parents that they needed toccit idd all communication with me, as a result I was left stranded in Montana with no money or warm clothes in the middle of a brutally cold winter. I had no way to get back to San Diego where I had lived all my life prior to Montana academy, I was told I would be arrested if I stepped foot on Montana academy property so I wandered the streets alone, I was brutally raped that night and even when I walked back to Montana academy's sky house covered in blood I received no help or offer of medical attention.

--- End quote ---


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