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I'm out of here
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:54:13 AM »
My name is Daniel Bennison, I was in Elan from 6/75 till 1/77 as a resident and a employee from 1/77 till 11/78.

 I bring this up because of past and recent events and interactions with other residents. Guys this will be the last post I do to defend really (the indefensible) the abuse committed while I was affiliated with Elan. Whooter has informed me that he is writing a book and that I am in it on Chap. 5 because of abuses on committed at Elan while as a employee. This was my response to him after being told this,"I want you to quote this in your book. I did not say I did not abuse kids because I did as a resident and a employee. As a resident I fought in the ring for the house, screamed at folks during GM's, during a haircut, encounter groups and screamed at folks shot down while walking the house.As a employee I committed all of the abuse I mentioned above plus directed residents to verbally assault and demean residents. Did I physically abuse people, ? Yes. Now does this make me a better person then the next employee,? Yes it really does. All I am doing here is stating a fact."John has also taken the liberties of threatening me with exposer concerning accusations of abuse and that I had committed while staff, with 5 or more witnesses to these incidents.I don't think that you folks really want a all out war of words on this site but on the other hand I can see where it is constructive to have a resident call out a staff member of Elan who posts here, on supposed abuses. I don't mind that a book is being written about Elan and the abuses Staff committed. Just remember though I will not apologize to anyone for any abuses I did commit.There was enough bullshit that happened from 75-78 for me to have given a lifetime of nightmares to others, without anyone making me do something I truly don't mean. John says I was Staff/Ass.Director (E-7). I was staff/Ass.Director E-7 from 2/78 till 8/78, I transferred to a different position/different house till 11/78. I am curious as to how John knows I arrived at E-7 in 1978. Anyway I post here and I am open to conversation, you would think that John would use my information to his advantage, for he is also an abuser of others. there are also other staff and Ass. directors who have information that would help in exposing Elan, John and Felice are both frauds, As far as the dragging incident I am not nor will I be ashamed at programs and the courses it takes, I know that the once Fat Girl thanks me now. I will help any of you lose wight like here just call me,Now first off Felice is very well prepared for this sort of thing because she has been haunting this sites for over 10 years. The only thing one has to do is ask Felice about her family sibling, parents and children and you can see the abuse. Far after she left Elan and still present today. I will not get into specifics right now only to say her garbage is still going on. This is of her own making though she will blame everyone else a common trait of Art and herself. Then pick on other residents if their still not satisfied. Felice you are still very sick, you hang out with Art and you harass people. A nother side of Felice is her brilliance with Art, she is masterful, she also has great ability with filming herself in the wild, and last her passion is trolling survivor sites, Felice stay with your strengths and stop with the dirt business it is unbecoming of you, Felice is a much more horrible woman then any of us would dream of,That's right Felice and your still an idiot and maybe if you had not posted your crap, I would let you satisfy me and get me into the mood lady friend, you and I would be alright, but no you had to stoop to a disgusting level. So you keep posting away to prove your point. As far as I'm concerned you have no class what so ever. You call yourself a woman, please. Run to Art.

 And "Anne" I list you with them, your someone who know nothing about programs and Elan.

 As far as the car dragging incident, I did plenty of shit in the program that I don't regret now. Hell yes! You may already know this but Straight took the mutual- abuse thing to another level. A good portion of each day was spent abusing each other in group in one form or another. Virtually everyone there did shit to somebody else that they don't regret it now. I understand how people got caught up in that shit at Elan but I don't understand the why the car incident is such a big deal. You really don't upset me about it at all. I mean, I feel no guilty about poking people in the back, helping restrain people and confronting people. When I had dragged that girl behind a car, I held my head with pride and I would do everything I could keep helping people in programs. I would oppose programs that don't have some kind of abuses as part of the atonement for those sins of the residents, towards their family's and friends. I did't care then and I don't care now,it's the past, and I did what I had to do, and would gladly do it again
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