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Sunhawk Academy campus sold to ALA


Abundant Life Academy has moved into the building which used to house Sunhawk Academy. The building ALA used to have in Kanab is empty.

From Facebook:

--- Quote ---osh - I have wondered for the longest time about where the school has gone and what has become of all the kids I adore. One day it was just empty, looking like a sad, vacant mistake, with broken windows and junk along the back. I need to know that the kids are safe and their parents fully aware of the deceit occurring with management. Much mismanagement and even some down-right bad-mouthing and lies. I personally was the victim of some of the deceit concerning why so much staff had to leave last year about this time. Can some one fill me in on what has transpired and why the building stands derelict and haunted?
--- End quote ---

If you compare Google Street view with this video you will learn that it is Sunhawk's former campus, ALA has moved to.

For some reason your link doesn't work right for me, Oscar, but it may just be my browser. In case anyone else has the same problem, here's the link which worked for me...

* Abundant Life Academy- new building


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