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Reddit TroubledTeens:
This is from Brittany Campbell, head of the NBGA: Proactive Survivors of New Beginnings Girls Academy group on facebook:

--- Quote ---New Beginnings has tried to do a name change/website change again in effort to squirm out of the spotlight.

Rebekah Home for Girls -> New Beginnings Rebekah Academy -> New Beginnings Girls Academy -> New Beginnings Ministries (Girls, boys, and - according to their newsletter - mens homes.)

They think they're smart... There are a lot of ministries called "New Beginnings Ministries." But they've been in TWO articles that have drawn international attention. Really, they'd have to change their OWN NAMES to get away, and even then... we'd be on it.

--- End quote ---

Little known fact:
Roloff homes was operating on The Farm in 1989-1990(?) in Corpus.
They got away with it by having the parents put their children under conservatorship to the Homes.
I was in the Dye Home at that time & their was also the Palmer Home for Girls & the Anchor Home for Boys was still operating.
From what I understand from reading other Roloff Homes stuff on the Web, the protocall was pretty much the same when I was there.  There was the one hour Bible recitation, church attendence 3 times a week, the radio bible listening 2 times daily.  Isolation from family for the first 60 days--no communication at all.
Probation consisted of wearing these horrid red polyester a-line skirts with the white & red checkered shirts.  We had to shun the people who were on probation.  We weren't allowed to talk to them.
We were also encouraged to 'narc' on offenders--offenses were petty.
Looking back now, it was a time I am ashamed about.  I turned on my roommates for the dumbest things when really I should have been connecting with them as a way of survival.

Reddit TroubledTeens:
jgunn, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you know that it was not your fault. They had years of experience manipulating children, it was your first time. It's normal that you feel shame, but that is not your cross to bear. They did it to you intentionally, in my eyes it is criminal to treat a child like that. I hope you can forgive yourself, you did the best you could with what you had. That's all any of us can do.

Reddit TroubledTeens:
This is an update from Brittney on the name changes:

--- Quote ---Rebekah Home for Girls in Corpus Christi, TX: 1970s through 2001, through several closures and reopenings -> [nameless period: Aug 2001 to Nov 2001, after the closure of Rebekah in Texas, when they kept half the girls from their recently-closed Rebekah Home bunked in a trailer on the property of Thanks to Calvary in Devils Elbow, MO] -> New Beginnings Rebekah Academy in Pace, FL Nov 2001 to 2006 -> New Beginnings Girls Academy in Pace, FL and La Russell, MO -> New Beginnings Ministries in La Russell, MO 2006 to present day)
--- End quote ---

Reddit TroubledTeens:
Also, here are some survivor sites:

New Beginnings facebook survivor group:
New Beginnings survivor blog:

And add'l info: ... tml?page=5,
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Mother Jones: ... qus_thread


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