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As some of you know, and some do not, the Aspen Ed program NorthStar Center is no longer ... as of sometime late this past summer.

The former director of this program, along with several of its employees, have started a new program. That program is currently going by the name of Cascade Crest Traditions.

First, here is announcement of NorthStar's closing:

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Bend Bulletin
NorthStar Center in Bend set to close

Published: March 26. 2011 4:00AM PST

The California-based parent company of Bend's NorthStar Center announced Friday that it will be shuttering the drug and alcohol addiction recovery program this summer.

About 40 full- and part-time employees work at the NorthStar Center, which works to prevent relapses of young adults between 17 and 24 years of age.

NorthStar Center's closure is one of five centers in three states set for closure by parent Carlsbad-based Aspen Education Group. The company cited "reduced demand for therapeutic schools and programs in today’s economy" for the closures.

The NorthStar Center is scheduled to treat students through the first week of August, according to the company.

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Comments left for the above article, "NorthStar Center in Bend set to close" (March 26. 2011; Bend Bulletin):

Kathryn Whitehead · 6 months ago
this reporter fails to mention the 2007 Congressional Hearings regarding the abuse and deaths at therapeutic boarding school. certainly economics could have something to do with the decline, but what about an educated consumer base about the harms and history of this industry. Case in point is the closure of two ASPEN programs, Mount Bachelor Academy (for abuse as therapy model of intervention) and SageWalk wilderness camp, which the sheriff recommended be prosecuted as a homicide.Kathi · 6 months ago in reply to Kathryn Whitehead
I do believe that both programs were cleared of wrong-doing in the end.[/list]
FreedomFighter100 · 3 months ago
They charged a fortune for the 24/7 "FREE" 12-Step Religious Cult & make-believe "Higher Power" Voodoo practices; every kid leaving the facility was more insane & more addicted than ever before

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axe murderer:
Oregon Department of Human Services report on the August 2009 death of Sergey Blashchishen


--- Quote from: "axe murderer" ---Oregon Department of Human Services report on the August 2009 death of Sergey Blashchishen
--- End quote ---
Fwiw, Sergey Blashchishen went to Sagewalk, another of Aspen's programs, and which closed in late 2009 in the wake of his death. An excellent and highly recommended read, nonetheless! Thanks for that link.

NorthStar Center, on the other hand, closed earlier this year for less dramatic reasons, that is, due to a mere downsizing in Aspen Ed/CRC's arguably bloated stable of programs. An earlier thread about NorthStar:

* Pence v. Aspen Education Group, Inc.
NorthStar Center, a young adult program (~17-24), was founded in 1991 by Dennis Crowell, who had previously also been one of the founding members of Mount Bachelor Academy. Like MBA, NorthStar was another one of those programs utilizing the CEDU-linked "personal growth workshops" called Lifesteps.

Aspen acquired NorthStar in September of 1998, with Dennis and Jeannie Crowell staying on. However, Dennis Crowell resigned not quite two years later. In October of 2002 he was Director of Integrated Services at CEDU. He's been involved in a number of startups and collaborative projects since then, often involving folks directly or indirectly linked to CEDU. E.g., with Randy Russell, a Father/Son Wilderness workshop (2005) and a "Man to Man" Wilderness Workshop (2006), College Excel in Bend, OR (founded in 2002; Crowell left in 2009, wife Jeannie still remains), as well as a number of small private counseling and consulting practices, etc. etc.

Ah... but I digressed a bit, as usual.

After Dennis Crowell left, NorthStar Center had a small series of executive directors, with Sean Fievet working in that capacity for the past four years. It is Mr. Fievet who founded Cascade Crest Traditions, with several of his former employees at Aspen's NorthStar forming the bulk of the staff and admins at the new program.

Fwiw, Sean Fievet was with NorthStar for a total of about nine years. He started off as a case manager, later becoming program director, finally becoming executive director in May of 2007. Prior to NorthStar, he worked "with adolescents and young adults in wilderness and residential settings" for over six years (programs not specified).


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