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Possibilities, even if strong, will not help me build a case against Discovery Academy.  I need facts.  Regrettably, it seems the only ones available are dated to 2007 or earlier, which makes them similarly useless to me.  Ten minutes of conversation with a recent alumnus, even one convinced the program was helpful, should tell me all I need to know.  Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any on hand.

cum guzzler:


--- Quote from: "OZint" ---Possibilities, even if strong, will not help me build a case against Discovery Academy.  I need facts.  Regrettably, it seems the only ones available are dated to 2007 or earlier, which makes them similarly useless to me.  Ten minutes of conversation with a recent alumnus, even one convinced the program was helpful, should tell me all I need to know.  Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any on hand.
--- End quote ---
Geez. Kinda quick on the the response, eh? Did ya even read my post? Sounds like you already had your mind made up before you even came to this forum...

No sweat off *my* back, but I have to ask, what was it about the following (relatively recent) comments for Discovery Academy...

"...discovery academy was one of the worst experiences of my life." (October 8, 2010; ~1 year ago)[/list]
"Counselors were very sub par. They are more interested in keeping you there as long as possible to get as much money as they could even if you were ready to go or if you were not getting better. Lots of threats and punishments to get the kids to behave." (June 6, 2010; ~1.5 years ago)[/list]

...that failed to resonate with you?

Since ya brought up those "great" reviews on, OZint, I feel compelled to post them...

Reviews are in chronological order, oldest first:

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Discovery Academy

105 N 500 W
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 374-2121
Private | 9-12 | Nonsectarian | 109 students |
Discovery Academy is a private high school in Provo, Utah. It is coed and nonsectarian, serving 109 students in grades 9-12.

More than 35 school community members have shared their opinion about this school, giving it an average Community Rating of 2 out of 5 stars.
Learn more about this school's teachers and students.

School highlights:
Alternative; Basketball; Coed; Community service; Drawing/painting; Nonsectarian[/list][/size]

Community Rating
Based on 35 ratings
Overall rating - 2
Teacher quality -3
Principal leadership -3
Parent involvement -3--------------

Reviews (20)

:trophy:  :trophy: (2 stars) · Posted February 23, 2004
This school is not a wise choice for parent looking for a place to send troubled kids. This school forces troubled kids to be with other problem children creating worser problems for them when they graduate. Much like the current situation in our juvenile jails and prisons. This school is run for profit not for the reasons it should be and the teachers are underpaid and overworked forcing 90% of them to teach at public schools full-time as well to supplement their income. Parental involvement is low, so after you alienate your child you are unable to contact them for months. In addtion to this, despite Discovery Academy's claims there are almost no extracirricular activities. Also they isn't on medicating all of the children that attend there despite second or third outside opinions stating that a child does not need to be medicated. Don't make the same mistake we did, do not send your child to this place.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted October 12, 2004
I completely agree that this is, overall, a horrible choice. Some past students have recently created a website,, that provides a wealth of insight into past students' experiences, along with areas for staff and parents to contribute.
—Submitted by a former student[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (4 stars) · Posted January 2, 2005
Discovery Academy is making a difference in my child's life. The equine therapy, trips to the mountains, and general association with teens who made mistakes and are getting their lives together now is having a positive impact. Likewise the processing of events surrounding this mini-community of teens who previously had trouble functioning/making good choices. The self-paced academics works for those who are bored or obtensibly for those who have trouble keeping up with a typical class. There are likely other options--there always are-- and there are never guarantees. Nonetheless, this approach seems to be working for my child.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted October 31, 2005
Discovery Academy destroyed my family and my child. The education system is bad she came out so behind in her classes.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted October 13, 2007
Discovery Academy in Provo Utah was probably the worst decision we could have made choosing a school. We feel as if our son regressed quickly and the structure of the school doesn't treat the students with respect.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
not rated · Posted December 18, 2007
My 16 year old son has is currently attending Discovery Academy in Provo, Utah. He is progressing slowly but, surely. This is a journey. It is not a quick fix. As an RN with a Masters degree in Health Education I am thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the care my son is recieving. It is worth every penny. As painful as it all may be, it is a joy to see the positive behavior changes. DA is the best.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted February 16, 2008
Dont send your kid here, if your truely set on sending your child here, go there first, get a tour ask to see the bathrooms, and kitchen. your mind will be changed. I reccomend to send them for a month, let them learn their lesson and get them out of there before something abusive happens, it will. REALITY CHECK is all your kids need, it all mine needed, aside from that nothing but bad can come from 'Discovery Academy'. What up friends, im home. love you
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
not rated · Posted April 23, 2008
I think that kids hate the idea of it more than the actual place itself. I was there for a year and I feel more psychologically mature than I have ever felt in my life. It's not an easy program to get through, it takes a lot of hard work and determination, but once your out it feels like a huge accomplishment. I don't recommend graduating the program because its not really necessary and its extremely difficult, but getting of level to go home for a few visits is a reasonable goal. After that, start focusing on the home stretch.
—Submitted by a student[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted May 18, 2008
I worked at Discovery Academy for nearly a year, and have nothing good to say about the program or the administration. The administration cares about money and that is all. The therapists will do anything to make you believe that you are doing the right thing. The living quarters are awful. I would not recomend sending your child here.[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (4 stars) · Posted June 12, 2008
This school worked for my child. It was a struggle, but the people are caring and genuine. My child learned that you get out of the program what you put in it, kind of like life. I appreciate what Discovery Academy has done for my family.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (5 stars) · Posted October 31, 2008
I think that this is a great school! I it actually hard to believe that anyone has anything bad to say about DA. My husband and I are thrilled that our son is there because he has learned so much about himself. His attitude is better and he has more respect for himself and for his family. Thank you DA!
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
not rated · Posted November 6, 2008
This is really a good school. There are truly skilled caring people there who looked after my child and created the changes we've always hoped for. They have updated their facilities and have a beautiful campus.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy: (2 star) · Posted November 12, 2008
I went d.A when i was 13 years old i was very troubled and being sent to d.A i acted out, it was worse than regular school because now i was in a building full of kids who were as troubled as me and we all worked together to get into trouble manipulate the staff,parents,and therapists 'to work the program' just so we could leave .I would not take my experiece from d.A back i am grateful i met great people i had the best therapist in the world he was like my father but the 5,000 grand a month and after i left the program i went right back to bad behavior and so did everyonelse that was there when i was the only way your kid will figure out life is by themselves boarding school will not help
—Submitted by a student[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (5 stars) · Posted December 2, 2008
Discovery Academy saved our sons life! Our whole family will forever be so greatfull for everyone associated with this school. Our son is now a 19 yr. old. He is in his second year of college and doing great!!! The 'Tools For Living' that he was given at DA will be with him forever! Thank You Everyday DA!!!!!
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (4 stars) · Posted July 6, 2009
Our daughter is attending DA and we are pleased with her progress, her increased ability to cope with difficulties, anger and the unfortunate experiences in her past. We recommend families review the web page and the facility if possible. The parent seminar opportunity is well worth the time. The campus and female facilities are well kept and comfortable. Our daughter is safe and well cared for.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
not rated · Posted January 13, 2010
We enrolled our son at DA in perhaps one one of the worst times of our lives. Our son was on the road to a life of addiction and probably expulsion from high school. DA may have save his life. The therapy is fantastic. He is safe while he learns.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted June 6, 2010
Definately a 'for profit' school. Very little attention to students and those that got the attention and privledges were those who paid the most to the school. Counselors were very sub par. They are more interested in keeping you there as long as possible to get as much money as they could even if you were ready to go or if you were not getting better. Lots of threats and punishments to get the kids to behave. There must be better schools out there for the money.
—Submitted by a student[/list]
:trophy: (1 star) · Posted October 8, 2010
discovery academy was one of the worst experiences of my life. i know now that because of how they messed with my head and tried to control my way of thinking, i went through unnecessary brainwashing and 'reprograming' there is something wrong with the fact that they believe themselves to be a troubled youth's 'last chance' at success, yet i have never seen one student leave that did not relapse to drugs or past decisions and or make new ones that are far worse. never send your child here.
—Submitted by a student[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (4 stars) · Posted November 19, 2010
Our Daughter has been attending the DA since April 2010. There is no quick fix here. By the time you have decided to send you child there they have already been through more than you know. Once she arrived at the DA and got through the first few months of the program we learned more about her in that time than we did in the past 3 years. You really have to go with your instict here though. Try to help your kid now by sending them to a place like this now, where they are safe and receiving top notch therapy of many kinds in a beautiful State or watch them self destruct and then bail them out jail or scrape them up off the street. Or you can pray that they will just just turn out fine. If your child is spiining out of control then the Da is great option. It's a pretty penny and you have to able to afford. Some kids have been there for a couple years. every parent we have met and spoken to is pleased with the school. The negative comments you read are probably from parents that pulled there kid out too soon or students that did not graduate the program.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]
:trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy:  :trophy: (5 stars) · Posted December 12, 2010
I have looked at the reviews here and see they are all across the board. As a parent of a 17 year old that is there, I can tell you that the program is excellent. My son started in Red Cliff Ascent (their sister program) for three months then I took him to DA. He has been in DA for about two months and he complains he wants to come home, but he has RAD and this is the way he usually operates. My son has been to counseling since he was three years old (he was adopted at 10 after many failed placements) as he is finally opening up to a therapist. My son is starting to work through his past issues and the outlook is still tough, but I think he will actually make it. Yes it is expensive, but it is worth every penny. I speak to the therapist once or twice a week on the phone and he answers my emails within 24 hours. I also have contact with his teachers and the housing staff. I highly recommend this program for most troubled youth. It is not a fix all for everyone, but they will seriously evaluate your child and make sure they are the right fit.
—Submitted by a parent[/list]

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I found this Google Review:


Nick ? - 19. aug. 2010
DA (Nazi Camp) My Wife attended DA when she was a teenager and was very emotionally and at times physically abused at this place. She has told me horrific stories of the faculty creepily smiling while she and other girls would use the bathroom, when her and her mother looked into the place they made it seem very appealing, but that was not the case. From what she said they are all mormen and very demented. AS ONE PUNISHMENT SHE HAD TO WALK IN THE SNOW BEARFOOT! It is outrageous that they are still in operation.


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