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Discovery Academy (Provo, UT)

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--- Quote from: "kiki5454" ---Discovery Academy is still a hideous facility that abuses children physically & emotionally, brainwashes parents to get 10's of thousands of dollars out of them. they will tell parents anything to have them believe that theit kid needs to be there to get "better" meanwhile, this place will give them lifelong PTSD and much more. Utah has the worst laws for protecting kids and their parents. Any place that cuts off communication with your kid is a RED FLAG in itself. kids have no way of reporting whats really going on and if you do get your supervised phone call, your kid is going to be too scared to tell you the truth because they get threatend, put in solitarly confinement and worse. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THESE TYPES OF PROGRAMS NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE!!!! All you need to do is spend an hour or 2 researching the abuse claims, lawsuits and message boards like this one.
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Thanks for your input. Did you or someone you know attend Discovery Academy? Can you tell us any more info about your experience, current conditions, and/or recent lawsuits?

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