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"Pete Hammill called the corpses "all the loose change of the sixties."[10] The effect was electric. Any alternative to the current system was seen as futile, if not deadly. Protest only led to police riots and political assassination. Alternative life styles and drugs led to "creepy-crawly" communes and violent murders.[11] And religious experiments led to cults and suicide. Social utopias were dreams that turned into nightmares. The television urged us to go back to "The Happy Days" of the apolitical 50s. The message was, get a job, and go back to church.[12] The unyielding nuclear threat generated only nihilism and hopelessness. There was no answer but death, no exit from the grisly future. The new ethic was personal success, aerobics, material consumption, a return to "American values," and the "moral majority" white Christian world. The official message was clear." ... wn.html#p3

The level of weirdness in this piece is acute.


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