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Some Clarification Please?

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Paul St. John:
Now, I know.. I know.. some very sensible people are probably thinking me dumb for feeding into this shit, but I would like to understand what is going on.. AND I really don t feel like sifting through over a hundred pieces of bullshit to figure it out..

Wayne, if you care to respond-

What are you actually accusing Danny of?  ( I know it has something to do with sex... and I think taht there are a few different things...

Please , Wayne don t go into a whole big spiel....

I am accusing danny of:




After you have managed to list them, I am curious, if you have any proof, other then your own word...  Again simple..

My proof for 1.  is a.  , b.   c.  etc.

Real proof please.. Not a bunch of bullshit....

Now, if you were sexually abused or know about such things occurring, I understand that it is a ver sensitive issue, and very painful to deal with, so I don t mean to be treating you like the criminal, but the burden of proof is always on the accuser, and at least - with me, if you want to be taken seriously, you are going to have to prove your case.

At this point in time, I am leaning towards thinking that it did not happen. However, I am not certain of this.  I have lived long enough to know, that when it comes to sexual abuse, it is very the people very least expect, so why not Danny then?  I mean- church-goers, neighborhood benefactors.. school teachers.. you name it.. and none of their freinds and loved ones can ever believe it.  That is trhe only reason, I am considerring it as possible, and because if that did happen to you, I feel for ya.

I have to say, to me this is a pretty big deal.. One one hand, if Danny did it, he is a sick fuck.. and you are surely a victim... On the other hand, if he did not, you are ripping a man's reputation to shreds, and you are a sick fuck, or maybe even just mistaken.... Your books seemed so credible when I read it, and yet for some reason, I am leaning towards believing Danny.  

Paul St. John

This Wayne K. person spammed reddit with his accusations. They're none of my business. But out of morbid curiosity I wonder: can anyone provide proof W.K. was even at Elan? His story reads as entirely or partially fabricated...


You were ashamed? it didn't take you 5 min. into you radio show to blurt out that you were raped by your shrink. Anybody else rape you mr.pan?You are completely full of shit!

I believe you. I had a hard time believing it at first, but now it makes sense. The rumor about having sex with residents was true

Nunez, you're starting to really sound like Danny


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