Author Topic: Wayne Kernochan and the many lies and stories he fabricates.  (Read 5171 times)

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Wayne this is a thread solely dedicated to you and your lies. We will also get into your misogynist behavior with the women you have encountered on many sites. You remember how you treated that young girl from the Aspen T/C, Lee G., your ex-publisher from your writers blog and have a mouth and on you with a latent hostility towards women and people in general. You also love to insult African Americans and Jewish people. We have an encyclopedia here in the OFFA.
Mark Babbitz and yourself have given us much to document your disgusting behavior. Yes we have the proof we need to validate it was you posting under various names. No not by IP address but by one of your past cronies that can not stand you now.
So participate if you want or just sit back and read about yourself.
Take care.
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Re: Wayne Kernochan and the many lies and stories he fabricates.
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A year later, you got nothing Danny. asshole
This username is a para...pare....fake profile created strictly for the purpose of whimsey and yuk yuks