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Former staff posting at Kos. Has to be Daytop.


Guy calling himself Hugh Jim Bissell posting at Daily Kos praising something called "the ReHab" to the skies here..http:// He never names the organization that he worked for but it can only be Daytop. Comments so far are all pro-program (except mine).

Well this does impinge upon my plans of spending the rest of the weekend curled into the fantasy that I am suddenly (by some ex machina) endowed w/ the powers  of incendiary thoughts –like Drew Barrymore had in Firestarter, but I’ll see if I can intertwine the two.

Thanks for bringing this, spacecadet.While it describes an adult facility and comes with the ubiquitous references to the that was the then this is now version re: confrontational attack methods, oh yes, it is doubtlessly Daytop.  

Poor Bang. Survived war in Vietnam and subsequent time in Reeducation camps and somehow the universe handed him a mop at Daytop…

I’ll come back to it from a different angle later.

I caught a definite whiff of a Yablonsky-like take in the linked-to description of working at "The Rehab"...

Unlike the criminologist, I take it that this Kos blogger hasn't made such endeavors his life's work. However, just like the criminologist, he's describing it solely from the other side of the tracks, pun intended. He's never been involved in such a thing as a client, and boy, does it ever show.


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