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--- Quote from: Speeklif Rainchild testimony ---
BCA appears to no longer be under the CEDU umbrella, but what is the treatment? Has it changed? what percentage of the children are being medicated, or institutionalized by the lead psychiatrist? What exactly are their "studies?"

I attended BCA in the mid 90's. I have My own private issues and traumas from this place, you can find many examples, It would take far to long to explain mine. Just know my issues mainly have to do with the doctor, and only partly have to do with the abuse and betrayal from their peer therapy. Instead of talking about me, I would like to address the parents considering BCA for their children with some tough love........

If you can afford to send your kids here, you are the problem. YOUR career and YOUR life are taking priority, leaving your children feeling isolated. Here are some questions to ask yourself; what percentage of the day do you spend time with your children? Or, are even in the same building as them? What do you do, or talk about, when you are with them?

You cannot expect to be a minor part of your child's day(life) and demand any compliance, that is unreasonable. (You paid the bills, bought the toys, but haven't earned their respect. And if you think you don't need to behave in a manner deserving your child's respect, you are a child yourself) When children feel isolated, they compensate with drug addiction, sex, anger, etc. anything to gain the acceptance of others, and form a pseudo-family. (some children use healthy outlets; needs to be said) The unhealthy habits successfully get your attention though, and that is the only time they they get any real "on demand" attention. Demanding immediate changes from your children, or expecting them to willingly abandon their social groups is ridiculous. These behaviors did not develop overnight, and you had ample time to correct there course. You now have to be patient, there are no miracle cures. It is going to be hard, and it will suck, but BCA, television, or nanny are not responsible for raising your kids, you are! GROW UP PARENTS!!!! LEAD BY EXAMPLE (and know, they don't know what your are like when they are not around. You have to show them your character, not expect them to believe you "because you say so".)

In conclusion; It is my opinion that their are people who can benefit from places like BCA, but they typically cannot afford it, nor do they have parents that are even willing to pretend to care. Your kids need YOU to provide structure, not strangers. If you have a few hundred grand to spend on BCA, just know you will be substituting money for parenting, and they will know it for as long as they live.

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--- Quote from: brynn xx testimony ---
if i could give negative stars i could. i never had trauma issues till i was sent here, a month after i got home i was diagnosed with PTSD.
i was emotionally abused by my "therapist"
she had complete control over me and took that to her advantage. the reviews below me explain better why BCA is the worst possible places to send your kid.
i was here june 2015- september 2016. i was actually going crazy. i attempted suicide twice, only one time was actually recognized though. i self harmed multiple times and was once told by my "therapist" it was for attention because my cuts weren't deep enough. i actually really wanted to die here. i tried to get help here, but my "therapist" was so rude and hurtful and tried to cover it up as "tough love" or "constructive criticism". she shamed me for my mistakes, big or small. she even manipulated me into thinking i need BCA and i even thought i needed her to get better. she was invasive and didn't respect my privacy at all. read my letters and made my parents go through allll my old texts and messages. she would only show support when i was doing good, and when i was upset or did something wrong she would give me the cold shoulder. i never felt comfortable around her but i was never allowed to change therapist (in fact they joked about it). im scared to say who my "therapist" was, but you know who you are & i hope you rot in hell.

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--- Quote from: Billy Bowers testimony ---
for 3 år siden-
This place is the most horrible thing you can do for yourself and you child. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional. First and foremost, keep in mind this is a private, for-profit institution, their one and only concern is making money. They WILL take advantage of you in order to do so. Don't believe me? Think about how they real you in: "we're the professionals, let us handle it, we do this all the time." They take advantage of the fact that you are in a place of uncertainty and doubt about the health of your child and manipulate you to think you somehow NEED their help. Then they'll charge you over $110,000 a year to abuse, manipulate, and torture your child. These places use an extremely controversial technique called "behavior modification" where they assert power over the student and create a forced compliance and a sense of fear in the student if the don't do what they're being told. The students have no access to internet, scarce access to TV (less than 2 hours a week), and all communication (which is really limited to phone calls and letters) is monitored and censored accordingly. They will tell you it's to remove all "distractions" but it's really about control. With all control over the student's communication, they can create any reality they want the parent to see. This is dangerous. Parents not knowing what is actually happening to their child and believing whatever the program tells them is exactly how they are able to utilize such abusive tactics without being caught, They strip the student of all their power. With power over the student they create compliance with coercive power. This is widely taught in business management and leadership at the collegiate level. In order for someone's behavior to change they must be influenced, in order to be influenced, the influence must have some sort of power over them, these are: expert, referent, legitimate, reward, and coercive. BCA favors coercive power. They force students to do things by threatening them with an impending punishment. Staff members Jeff, Jeremy, and Lisa utilize coercion more than any other staff members. It should be noted that Adolf Hitler was also widely known to use coercive power to push his agenda. Additionally, the place is very run down and poorly maintained. The buildings are old and falling apart. Much of the fun activities they claim to offer, they don't actually do because of "under-staffing" or it's a tool they use for coercion. They work directly with an institution called Caribou Ridge Intervention (formerly Ascent) for when students "act-up" which psychically abused me and wouldn't let me eat for over 36 hours. They then denied that it happened at all and claimed I "refused to eat" something I have neither done nor had a history of doing. I recall VERY clearly screaming at them after 8 hours "I'm starving! I'm hungry! I need food!"
Their techniques are clearly manipulative, abusive, and immoral. I discovered that they are the textbook definition of immoral after taking a leadership class at a well known university and reading about power and influence in the textbook. Do not send your student to these "therapeutic" institutions. It is certain to cause permanent damage to their lives. Anyone here who claims that this place is helpful in any way is a fool. I'm still suffering from the negative impact of BCA over a year later. Don't make the same mistakes my parents did. They both regret their decision. I urge you to take my advice: Don't allow yourself (as parents) to be coerced and your children to be abused.

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--- Quote from: Allyson Sutphin's testimony ---
i spent 2 years and 3 months here. the therapist i had L.D was abusive. she told me that all of the self harm and eating disorder behaviors i had were "attention seeking" when in reality i wanted to die, or change myself because of all of the childhood abuse i endured. but, honestly, this place kept me safe, and the flex staff where so supportive. ive been to several RTCs since then for anorexia and PTSD stemming from sexual assault. if i had a child with the issues i had/ have, i would defiantly send them to a therapeutic boarding school. but not BCA
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