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Carol Menzel "Coercive Psychology, 1974"

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--- Quote from: "dragonfly" ---Finally, there is the largest circle of individuals, students, clinicians et al., who get caught in "behaviorism" or "biological psychiatry" because there is nothing else being financially supported.

We insist, however, that any person committing, collaborating or giving any justification whatsoever to coercive psychology is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity as outlined in the Nuremburg Principles. There is no neutrality on this issue; neutrality is guilt under the Nuremburg Principles.
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--- Quote from: "dragonfly" ---just one tiny bit taken from ... cience.htm

this is a pretty great article from 1974, lot's of history, I'm assuming Ursus, you've read this cause it's alot of what you've mentioned....

3. The "Attack Therapies"

The so-called "humantstic therapies - sensitivity training sessions, transactional analysis, Primal Therapy, etc. - are at the very core of coercive psychology. It is such anti-Freudian introspective psychologies that have provided the brainwasher with the "psychodynamic insights" of neurosis, and the know-how to further pervert this neurosis into a controlling - even programming - force. These so-called "humanists" are the real experts in exploiting and in channeling the sickness of bourgeois ideology.

The anti-behaviorists - mainly Freudians and Gestaltists - who were a dominant force through the early 1930's trickled down to a mere handful by the


1940's. Some defected to the overt enemy's camp, behaviorism; some sunk into eclecticism; and a large number lit on any "humanistic" fad or gimmick that appeared. The latter crew, epitomized by R.D. Laing, have now become even more "Pavlovian" than Pavlov. Laing, who comes straight out of the Tavistock Clinic, views the state of madness as a positive act of liberation.

His Kingsley Hall, a supposed therapeutic community in London, is an actual "house of madness." One Kingsley Hall resident, Mary Barnes, regressed to the point of completely smearing herself and her physical surroundings with her own feces. The therapy involved? The therapist sits back and, like the friendly aide to someone on LSD, guides the patient's "journey to madness."

The central thrust of Laing and his cohorts is to worm in on the infantile ego by taking the protective persona and chipping or in some cases axing it away. Without a revolutionary alternative, i.e. a self-conscious identity, the persona-stripped individual has two choices: either return to the infantile ego state, developing an even more armoured persona or a pseudo-identity persona, or commit suicide.
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I don’t know about La rouche, but I believe this article by Carol Menzel is pretty on point.  The facts are in line. Being in CEDU, I see several glaring relationships he makes, especially concerning humanistic, primal, transactional analysis, laing, etc., used in a thought reform setting.  This is a traceable, interconnected history start to finish.

Great part of the article to quote concerning the humanistic approaches, and I agree with his analysis of how these can be very coercive, and able to produce neurosis as a programming force, even going undetected by the subject.



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