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Letter to educational consultant Woodbury from Clarke Poole


This was posted today on Jilliestake:

Saturday, July 23, 2011
For those of you that were not privy to Ridge Creek School facility when it was Hidden Lake Academy, Mr. Clarke Poole worked in Admissions, degreed in Psychology, and was working on his PhD.  Mr. Poole submitted his resignation citing his repeated concerns over  "unsafe and unethical practices regarding the admission of certain students to Hidden Lake Academy."  His resignation letter went to educational consultants citing his concern for the  "physical and emotional safety of the families and children you refer."

Mr. Poole released  the now infamous (1) "in-house emails" between himself, Mr. Buccellato and Ms. Nicole Fuglsang. Ms. Fuglsang, unlike Mr. Poole, walked away taking Hidden Lake Academy secrets with her. Ms. Fuglsang was a "mandated reporter," like the rest of staff all these years, she did nothing.

Mr. Poole was vilified, threatened with a lawsuit, much like Ms. Marla McGhee, only he was stronger and Buccellato's "henchman" disappeared into the night.  Aside from a handful of true, decent, loving friends,  most educational consultants and industry people protected their purse strings, and offered no support.

Mr. Lon Woodbury was one such educational consultant and industry blogger.  His  "Struggling Teens" and "Woodbury Reports" apparently continues to be subjective in reporting "industry news,"  appears spineless, and obviously does not see past his bank account in exposing those facilities that tarnish what honest advocates have dedicated their life to - the safety and well-being of our children.

This came into "Jilliestake" yesterday.  At the time of publishing, there has been no response to Mr. Poole's email to Mr. Woodbury.  If Mr. Woodbury would like to respond, "Jilliestake" would be more than accommodating in publishing his response.

July 21, 2011
To: Lon Woodbury, Woodbury Reports, Inc
From: Clarke Poole
Dear Lon,
I’m wondering if you’re going to print today’s article from the Dahlonega Nugget, the link to which is found below, or if you will wait as you did the last time Ridge Creek School was in the news and print only the “rebuttal”, which was no rebuttal at all but only advertising hype written by Ridge Creek School and which never addressed the substance of the news story, although I doubt there will be a “rebuttal” this time around. Ridge Creek School is finally done.
I’d like to know, Lon, whether you’re a legitimate journalist, or a propagandist for your industry. Many parents come to your website, and hire your firm, expecting to get independent and competent advice regarding a school for their child. If the way in which you have dealt with Ridge Creek School is any indication, you have misled and ill-served your readers.
For some time, you have known or should have known, that Ridge Creek School was on the brink of collapse. You also knew, or should have known, that it was operating with skeletal staff: no Director or Assistant Director of Education, no Special Education teacher, few if any certified teachers, no Director of Operations, and the list goes on. You also knew, or should have known, that staff turnover was happening at the speed of light, with some newly hired staff leaving within a few days of being hired and some not even showing up for work on their first day. You also knew, or should have known, that Ridge Creek School’s credit rating was somewhere below zero, that staff paychecks have been bouncing for months and that for years it has been in arrears on everything from federal, state, and county taxes to paying for food service. You also knew, or should have known, that there is a growing list of lawsuits against Ridge Creek School , as well as liens that go back almost 10 years against Ridge Creek School, Hidden Lake Academy, Inc, HLA, Inc, and their owner, Len Buccellato. You knew all these things, or should have known them if you are indeed a journalist and a source of information for parents of “struggling teens” as you claim. Yet to my knowledge you never once offered a word of caution to parents who were considering Ridge Creek School as a placement option for their son or daughter. There are now scores, if not hundreds, of parents who have been left with huge debt and children who are worse off than before. Len Buccellato continued to solicit students, largely with the aid of educational consultants, and cash their tuition checks right up until the week the school announced its closing with no hint to the parents that this was the case. That money will never be recovered, and those children are left in the lurch. Your website and the news articles it contains are widely read by industry professionals and parents. You could have helped to avoid much financial pain and emotional suffering if you had printed what you knew. But you did not.
You also knew, or should have known, that Ridge Creek School was accepting students who had long histories of violence, severe psychological disorders, and criminal records. This resulted in numerous attacks on other students and staff, causing injuries requiring hospitalization. You also knew, or should have known, the long history of suicide attempts at Ridge Creek School . These are not unfounded allegations, Lon. They are facts that could have easily been verified by checking with appropriate state agencies and local law enforcement. Why did you not do this?
Ridge Creek School and its owner have ruined many lives, and by your silence and tacit support you are complicit in every one of them. As a journalist and as an educational consultant, you are a disappointment.
There is a book currently in the works that will expose all this and much more. It will name names. I’ll see that you get a copy so you can perhaps review it on your website.
Clarke Poole
Link to Dahlonega Nugget article ... ecreek.txt

EXCELLENT letter from Mr. Poole! I can't wait for Mr. Woodbury's response...

Pile of Dead Kids:
Appealing to Lon Woobury's conscience is a waste of time. You'd be better off sending your missives to people with more humanity, like Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong-il should hire Mr. Woodbury to help increase immigration to north korea from america.


--- Quote from: "Guest3" ---EXCELLENT letter from Mr. Poole! I can't wait for Mr. Woodbury's response...
--- End quote ---
I doubt there'll be a response. Hardcore industry apologists and perpetrators have a unwritten policy, it would seem, to completely ignore any and all criticism. If the naysayers won't "go away," refusing to acknowledge their existence may be the next best means to effect damage control.

Of course, there are these troubling facts that'll eventually have to be dealt with!  :D


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