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Jared Louise


Paul St. John:
Jared Louise

Now, this was a funny-guy.  He looked kinda like a red-neck, lumberjack.  Well, actually not kinda, but very much.

tight jeans, flannels, always, red hair, tied back in a pony tail.  He was in excellent physical shape.. rather skinny, but tight and cut as hell.  

He had a really deep voic, and for some reason spoke with a southern accent, even though he lived on Long Island.  He was very well off.  If you multiplied my assets at the time by 25 or so, you would probably be in the ball park of his.

Ol' Jared.. he was a real anomaly.  When I saw where he lived, I was confused.  I always thought he lived in the wilderness or something..

He was a scary dude.  He was like Mr. Daytop.  He was only an expedier for whatever reason, but as trusted as any coordinator.  Staff knew you could not get away with shit with this guy.

I HATED that motherfucker when I first went there.  I use to make fun of him all the time. I did an excellent Jared impression.  Towards, the end of my stay though, we were actually somewhat friendly, and I did respect him in some ways.

In morning meetings, if you wante dto say something, you had to step to the outside of the family and stand up, but not Ol' Jared.  He would juts start screaming in that DEEP voise with the southern accent right from his chair.  Everyone was intimidated by him.  I just thought he was a dick.  It seemed like it really hurt him, when Daytop rules where not followed to the key, and he would scream to keep from crying.

You had to see it though.. Someone would play with a button their shirt or something, and the next thing you knew, you d hear screaming from the middle of the rows, and you look over, and their is ol' Jared with fire shooting out of his eye.. His neck tense, looking like the veins' would burts, and he was a relatively small guy too.. God, did I get a kick out of him.

He was the only guy I knew in Daytop, who actually took the Daytop rule book, and the guide for members home, and studied it.

He also bought the book by the guy who created Daytop, and studied that.  He really liked it too.  Most of the counselors had enevr even read that book, or even considerred buying it.

Mr. Daytop. That was Jared.

My friends, and I use to get some real kiciks out of him... in quite of course, or we woulda got fucked for "bad-mouthing"

Ol' Jared was a smart motherfucker, and ver manipulative too, but I don t knwo if he even knew he was being manipulative.. That fuck was out to get me from day one.  I think he loved the challnge of trying to break me.  The confrontations were srtrong and long-lasting.  I was SO bored in there, I think I some times enjoyed the challenge myself, even though I didn t like him.

In the end, I think we just became friendly to make it easier on ourselves.


Paul St. John:
I remember this one time.  It was like my last week in Daytop ( this is around the time where Jared and I were cool with eachother) we got to "go out on request.

It was me, Jared, and two other non-status or younger members.  Jared was to be aware of all of us.  Staff would have never even allowed a coordiantor to take on that much responsibility, but I think even they were scared of Jared..LOL

and probably even felt sympathy for us.

Anyway, we went to this basketball court, and ol' Jared challenged these three black guys who were chillin on the court to a game.

Christ.. that guy never stopped buggin' ya out.

Jared was far from tall.  These black guys were.

Long story short.. He beat them like 20 to nothing.. I oculdn t eben see him.. I would just see this streak of red go running past the court, and then the ball would go rifght through the hoop.

That 5' 3', fucking 17 yr old white boy could fucking dunk!



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